Exit Plan(s)

It’s true that covid is still spreading in the US at similar levels as before, the difference is in vaccination. the city I am currently in has just hit over 70 percent of residents vaccinated. yes, things aren’t completely “normal,” but it’s definitely more “normal” here than it was for the last month in Taiwan. Restaurants are slowly reopening, even some music venues are reopening at reduced capacity, baseball games have almost full attendance, movie theaters are open. I just got my first shot of Pfizer. I really hope that Taiwan can get vaccines soon, I think it’s the only way out of this.


I think more and more people in TW will be forced to accept that this is the reality. Zero COVID is a thing of the past. Max vax is the name of the game now.

That’s even what Chen Chien-jen says.

So I think it’s a good sign, but (the numbers are) also a bad sign. The disease has become endemic, which means the virus in Taiwan has community transmission and it is very, very difficult to eradicate the virus at all now.

The only way Taiwan can have very good containment in this second phase of the pandemic is the increased herd immunity through a nationwide immunisation programme and urge the CECC to try to get the vaccine as soon as possible.


The adult vaccination rate in the US is 64%.

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"Several crypto fans that descended on Miami, Florida, last weekend for the largest bitcoin conference in history are now saying they’ve tested positive for covid-19. "

Several of 12,000?

“Vaccines have been freely available for months in the US, to the extent that anyone who wanted to be vaccinated could do so by the time of the event,” Bitcoin 2021 organizer BTC Media said in a statement to the outlet. “We provided all attendees with the current recommendations of the CDC and State of Florida and expressed to our audience that those who were high risk or hadn’t been vaccinated should consider waiting until next year.”

In countries where vaccine is as accessible as candy, at some point, responsibility for protecting oneself has to be transitioned back from government to individual.

Miami, US worst city for COVID denial.

Well, the city is trying to carve itself into the crypto hub of the U.S., and any 1-hour listen of crypto traders on any forum and you’ll know their opinion on vaccinations.

Fallout we can expect in Taiwan. Numbers of small businesses in the USA are down 40%.


tis a match made in heaven.

There’s a lot of competition for the gold medal in this regard.


:frowning: So sad. I’m in Seattle right now, and it’s shocking that to see how many small restaurants and cafes have gone out of business. It’s really changed the character of the city. Really after these last two years, no city will be quite the same as before.


Well, you forgot about BLM protests there and in Portland.
Many months of destroying the downtown. That doesn’t help the little businessperson want to stay around.
Seattle for a little while even had some little fiefdom set up in some block neighborhood.


Sorry I will returning, however not soon.

Long vacation to UK, not seen my family for 2 years now.
I came on a injury recovery holiday. 3 months!

Must like it here as I extended stay 2 times then covid hit as I was going to leave.

Presently yes it is, however cabin fever has taken its toll lots out and about in Zhonghe last night.

However I’m never happy, moaned constantly about to many walking on riverside cycle paths - now I miss them!

Funny how so many Taiwanese thumbed their noses at the people in other countries in 2020. Guess they’re not so unique after all.

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I sold my small business in the UK by necessity 2 years ago, 1 year of trading new owner, Covid-19 comes now he’s out of business that took me 25 years to build.

I’m lucky I sold when I did! also very unhappy :slightly_frowning_face: for my good friend I sold to and all those years nurtured gone!

I decided now return to Taipei and set up a business for something Taipei in my opinion is missing.

More shall be revealed in the future :shushing_face:

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You won’t even reveal your 25 year-old business to this forum, why would you unveil a baby business in the planning, ha ha :slight_smile:

I think tea houses might be a very prospective business. And if this fails, you could also always think about growing bamboo shoots

25 year was Commercial cleaning, new Baby involves Taiwanese favourite thing - Food!

With the price of land in Taipei!!! To grow umm don’t think so.
However will be food.