Exit the Dragon... Fruit? 🐲

Yes, they are admitting it’s political…

“The name dragon fruit is not proper, and due to its name one thinks of China. So we have given it the name ‘Kamalam’,” he said.

…and simultaneously denying it.

There is nothing political behind renaming of the fruit, Rupani said.


Some funny tweets here:

A dragonfruit by any other name would taste as sweet. :2cents: :rainbow:

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I thought dragon fruit was grown by Dragonforce.

But the fruit is native to Central America, and Europe has dragons too…


:smiley: (ha)

Kiwi fruit used to be Chinese gooseberry…

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Just called it pitaya. It’s what it was originally called in South America…


Prickly pear, sounds good. Kaantedaar naashapaatee (कांटेदार नाशपाती)

I could go for some kaantedaar naashapaatee right now.


Before you end pronouncing it your desire to actually eat it is over.

while they are playing rename games should have anglicized it as “kamala” instead of “kamalam” and said it was renamed in honor of the american VP.

friendship ended with China. America is my best friend now.

What, the kiwi or the dragonfruit? :thinking:

kiwi fruit is actually from China

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Stop that! You’re gonna give the CCP ideas on how to claim New Zealand as Chinese territory since ancient times

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freshfruitportal.com again coming through with that hot fruit news

They already do