Expanded USA Residency Rights for native Taiwanese persons

I am interested in getting in touch with any native Taiwanese persons who are currently in the USA and want to stay longer.

I have developed a methodology under the Immigration and Naturalization Act whereby a native Taiwanese person could apply directly in the USA for long-term residency rights in a fairly simple manner.

You will need to fill out a few simple forms and give me enough information to come up with a covering letter to the appropriate US government contact office.

My email address is as given below.

RE: [color=darkblue]ROC passport holder currently in US can apply for US national passport[/color]

The following is a CHECKLIST of the necessary documentation to complete this procedure in the USA. It is fairly simple.

(A) Covering letter, signed

(B) One page “In regard to ACTS OR CONDITIONS,” signed

© Photocopies of two items of identification (so-called “photo ID”) with (English language) signature

(D) Photocopy of the data page of your ROC passport, and of the page showing your valid visa.

(E) Statement of Historical and Legal Evidence for US Nationality Status (33 pages of text plus a two-page chart, total: 35 pages)

(F) Completely filled out DS-11 form (2 pages), unsigned, with photo attached, and an extra photo included.

The fees are as indicated on the US Dept. of State’s DS-11 instructions for obtaining a passport. For an adult, it appears the fee is US$ 97.00

In cooperation with the Taiwan Defense Alliance (TDA), the following can be provided to any interested applicant –

  • Blank forms (samples) for Item (A) and Item (B)
  • Instructions for downloading Item (E) and Item (F)
  • Instructions for submitting all of these materials to the appropriate US government agency.

There is no charge for these services.

For more information on Taiwan’s international legal position, please see taiwanadvice.com

Please advise any interested applicants to be in touch by email.