Expanding public use of English

“English will accompany Chinese on a wide variety of public signs and in documents and other material from the government under a plan the Cabinet ratified on Monday.”

An English translation of the rest of the article, from today’s United Daily News, is here:

I hope this goes better than Ma Ying-jeou’s plan to have most Taipei City Government services available in English. That was supposed to have happened before the end of September. :unamused:

It’s long overdue and much needed if Taiwan is to achieve its grand and essential aims of internationalizing the economy and substantially increasing tourist arrivals. Of course, there’s little chance that the reality will come anywhere near to the puff and hype of the government plans. But there is a good chance that some real progress will be made on this front, as a lot of the technocrats in key government positions understand its importance and are committed to making it happen – though they also know there are many practical difficulties that will dog their progress at every step.

BUT… Will it really happen?

Can’t speak for all Cabinet-level bodies, but I’ve just been employed to edit the translations of the Council of Agriculture’s documentation. Judging by what’s come across my desk so far, they seem to be translating every frigging character ever generated by and about the COA.

Nice little earner that should keep me in weed for a while, at least!

Well it sounds like a step in the right direction.


I bet you’re seeing a lot of York Liao.