Expanding Taiwan


Following the “Taiwan Up” and “Time for Taiwan” campaigns, and building upon the “Taiwan Heart of Asia” push; welcome to the new dimension: “Expanding Taiwan”:


this guy hasn’t heard of noodles before? get the fuck out of here.

nobody calls gua bao (gua bow?) taiwanese hamburger either. those brekfast burgers are taiwanese hamburgers.

excuse me, do you know which route i should take to yang ming mountain? he said ROAD.

how does this guy have an ensemble of friends when he just landed in taiwan and doesn’t have a clue how to even find an MRT station? (they are literally everywhere)

what an utterly shit video.


Don’t be too hard on the actor. He probably pointed out the flaws in the script but had to obey orders and read it as written.


Amateurish. And the guys mumbles. This must be for some low visibility situation.


Doesn’t look like an official video, otherwise there would be an official logo at the end. If it’s a private project kind of thing, maybe sponsored by the Tourism Bureau, that’s fine. Creating good videos is not easy and most people who post nasty comments under Youtube videos don’t have a clue how to do it, they just enjoy being mean.

Having written that, I don’t think the video paints a positive image of visiting Taipei. If you want to attract people coming here you better tell them it’s easy to get around and people will help you to get where you want to. The arrow hitting the wheel in the beginning, not good. It’s like saying “hit Taiwan, now I have to go there (he didn’t seem to be excited about the prospect)”, not very convincing reason to visit Taiwan. Then Yangming Mountain, there is no such mountain, it’s an area of many mountains, should be Yangmingshan all the way. Then the quality of the video. 720p? 1080p should be the lowest you want to go at this time and age. What does departure 30 minutes/1.5 hours etc. mean? The reaction of the lady speaking Taiwanese. That would never happen in real life. The MRT runs on regular railway tracks and it looks like an unfinished construction site? No better stock images? What are the three tissues above the Gua Bao about? A young local sending him on the wrong bus? Bus 255 does not go to Yangmingshan even if a local and staff at an info counter tell you so. Your best choices are 260 or Red 5. And he meets is friends at Qingtiangang? Why not meet in Shilin, take the bus together, go up to the mountain, come back down, go to the Nat. Palace Museum, and finally head to Shilin Night Market and enjoy Gua Bow and what not.

Watched it three times now. Nah… not a good job. Too many issues. But I have seen videos filmed with a big budget that I didn’t like either. So let’s not bee too harsh on him.


I stopped watching after the guy described some fried noodles he found as “the Chinese version of pasta.” Seriously? What a joke.



well yea i was being hard on whoever wrote route and made the video not the actor.