Expat Fiction and Poetry, 2003

Hello all. I wonder if there are any authors and poets thriving here? I would like to sound out any chance of motivating a writers’ group here in Taipei…

A few years ago we had a very enthusiastic and productive group going, until a lot of people moved on… Well, I came up with one really fine novella based on that experience of being with all those fascinating men and women, which you can read right here: [color=red]the group[/color]

In those days we actually met at a pizza parlor near Shi Da, and I used one of my friend’s pads as a model for the hang-out in “the Group…” If you want to know where it is, ask me…

Anyone interested about creating a new writers’ group, please email me at popo_beechtree@yahoo.com.

I am thinking we could find a place to meet on Sunday afternoons, maybe like a cafe like the Peshawar or some thing similar, quiet and central… You would all be welcome up here in Peitou, to read and discuss one anothers’ creative work… It’s just an idea, but feel free to comment here or write to me! ( I’m working on a lot of poetry every morning now, and it feels so good ! )


(a breath of fresh air!)

thanks, i’ve been looking to start something like this as well. i’m new here so i’ve been swamped with setting-up, but once i get everything settled…oh, how the words will flow!..so yeah, if anyone else is down, let’s get this going!

sounds just peachy. i don’t ant to organize but would love to participate.


~ well, I am trying to decide what to call my new collection of poetry,
which I didn’t even plan to write, I was working on notes for a trashy
porn novel about a man trapped with two women for a week, that, and
a science fiction novel about a planet of sexually hexamorphic people…

So, feel free to tell me if you prefer:

[b]the sucklings of vermouth
~ castaway pearls of poetry by D… A…

or, just,

[b]castaway pearls
~ by D… A…

So, what will it be, mingus, two or three?

Hex = Six
Morphic = Having a specified shape or form

So this is a book about people who have six different sexual shapes?

Unfortunately, not the most egregious portmanteau by Popo.

Seriously man, you’ve got to get a handle on your work. You’re obviously not a kid anymore. You’ve no excuse to write the way you do.

I love writing poetry, but I haven’t been as inspired as I was when I was high school and was a regular member of my hometown’s poetry circle and crowned the poet laureate of my school. I am working on it, but poetry for me is not something that you should work on, but rather that just comes to you. I’d love to share, though.

thanks mucha, i forget that I am too old for all of this…
but i can still fool girls into thinking that I am much younger,
so why not write something completely impractical, original
and, probably, quite unpublishable, at least according to the
criterion of mere buying and selling? Since I got about twenty-
five anxious ladies out there, waiting to spank me buns, I’ll
have to get back to you later on about whether or not I
choose to pursue the porn or the sci-fi epic first… Or just
revert to another close-up upon a maniac jazz man or
someone such, helpless at the foot of godhead, quite
incapable of the essential self-redemption… I want to
open my perspectives a little and laugh at all the serious
ingenuity before I pass away… ohh…

Anyway, as for your query, Wolf: let me explain. Almost all
the life forms on Earth reproduce “dimorphically” with the
except of some amoebas and other micro-creatures…
If you know that the root of the word “di” is two, then
obviously, dimorphic sexuality entails the male and the
female… If you have a hexa-morph, this would imply a
species of creature with SIX different sexes… They must
all copulate in stages to engender a single offspring… My idea
envisages a society in which everything and everybody is cloned;
I have set it up so that the society is self-pertuating, near perfect,
a system of individually cloned administrative managers and
even artists… By an accidental intervention of perhaps something
like divine faith, we see the opportunity arise for spontaneous
embodied reproduction, on the part of six different characters
who pair up and eventually get involved all together as one entity –
the rebels… Of course, they don’t realize that natural reproduction
is a crime until it is too late… Of course, they get in trouble and
driven into exile. It isn’t until hundreds of years later and the end
of the triology that natural reprodruction at last comes into its own
again… I don’t care if anybody steals my ideas, many have
already been stolen before, I am used to it… Anyway, only
I can write it well… That’s the important thing…

But as I’ve said, I might just write a porn thriller… But do you
think it more attractive to a female audience to depict two
heterosexual women, captive to a sort of pacific master who
shows them how to let themselves be used easily? Or would it
be a neater twist, and perhaps more attractive to a male audience,
to have the man subdued by two posing lesbians who only pretend
to be straight just long enough to lure him into their lonely lake
cabin, or victoria island pad?

nothing matters too much in the end, do your thing, be as peaceful
as you can – try to enjoy it!

I meant you’re too old to be writing so poorly, not that you’re too old to be writing. :unamused:

ahh-ha! You’re fumbling for insults, and they aren’t really called for…
I guess that you are afraid of any form of self-deprecation, or maybe
you need to envisage some kind of neo-gothic hemingway-he-man-
butcher-of-women, etc, etc… Yeah, well, that’s okay, but it ain’t too real.

I’m just another guy, and I usually use my tongue instead of a gun.
It’s all I’ve got to work with. Just a wet tongue that can point into all
the soft musky crevices on her body. I can write very well, thank
you, and I don’t care what you pretend to say… Perhaps, you
could argue that everyone writes poorly today, but I prefer to
suggest that some of us write too well, which is a great consternation
and arouses, in me at least, a deal of purely sociological interest in
the limitations that we impose upon one another because we are
not encouraged to express ourselves, or understand things at all.
We are told to accept other people’s answers and we are educated to
be very cynical about everything we can’t accept, understand or
realize first-hand… Whatever…

[i]the negative lotus position[/i]

humpback misanthrope!
tardy misogynist!
give up your deterred hopes,
and admit they begot an inverse pride:
the ratio of this hate
discounts the sale of your self-respect
by the broken scheme of a lost love,
that woman who never gave him
the image of his fantasy!

her road to

Or as that other poet, Michael Jackson, put it: “I’m a lover, not a fighter”.



Cool novella, thank you and keep writing.



far be it for me to stunt creativity of any sort but bad creativity should be beaten like a stepchild–repeatedly I might add.

hundreds of great poems?? do you even read poetry??

If for whatever reason your answer to this is ‘yes’, I daresay that my public service announcement to you is to please stop.

If you do not desist, I am afraid your poetic license will have to revoked by big brother’s bad poetry police.

ghettostyle - popo is a dead horse. He was banned for posting violent porn on the forum.

He’ll be back! :frowning:

violent porn i can deal with (as long as it is done in good taste)–

boring and pretentious drivel needs harsh and merciless censorship!!

Well, if anyone posts bad poetry here, I would suggest that we ban him on suspicion that he’s Popo.