Expat health insurance traveling in thailand

my husband and I are Americans will be teaching in Taiwan. We will have our ARC and NHI but we plan to travel some and wonder what we should do about health insurance? My husband has an irregular heartbeat and had a heart operation a while back, as well as currently taking meds like blood thinners, so we have some concern if anything should happen whilst traveling. Im assuming Taiwan health coverage would not apply in other countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Japan—?

any advice would be great.

I don’t know specifically how much is covered, but my father had to have surgery when he was over in China and he was able to get some of the cost reimbursed from the NHI when he got back to Taiwan, so I know it does cover some things when you’re overseas.
You could probably call the NHI directly to find out what percentage is covered exactly, or have your employer look into for you when you get here.

Get coverage at any one of the insurance company kiosks at the International Airport. The rates are all pretty much the same, and quite reasonable. I never travel without paying for extra coverage. I have heard too many horror stories about what happens when the bills hit after some unforeseen mishap/illness to ever risk ending up in that kind of jackpot.