Expat insurance

These questions are for long-term US expats who are not stationed by a US company with a benefits package.
Do you carry individual global or expat medical/disability insurance? If so, why and can you share the name of the insurance company/plan? If not, why not?
Has anyone had experience or known someone dealing with cancer or other income-threatening illnesses/injuries there? Do you think local hospitals and the national insurance program are adequate in such cases?
What might a legal employer’s response be to a worker with a serious condition who may require time off work for treatment?

Thanks for any replies.

I am not from the US but I think most insurance companies would not accept you if you have already some illness or diseas, and if you hide this fact but they find out later they might refuse payment for any treatment required, and perhaps even ask back earlier payments.

You may ask for some information from here:


As for taking off time from work I believe this is at the discretion of the employer.

I would have to agree with Rascal. Most insurance companies won’t pay for treatments of a previous condition, though some do, it really depends. Most insurance companies will cover you otherwise, but just won’t pay for that aliment. I’m really not familiar with insurance packages in Taiwan however.


If you’re legal (managed an ARC) you can buy supplimental insurance.

Policies start at around NT$10,000/yr. and cover hospitalization, loss in salary, etc. Note that for only 10K you won’t get much coverage.

Go through a local and have them make some calls for you to find out more.

Since I will also need to subscribe to the National Health Insurance once I get my employment pass, long-stay Visa and perhaps ARC (do I actually need the latter?) what is and what is not covered by them? Just on a general level - or is there any link I can dig out some more information?