Expat Radio Taiwan (Beta) is Now Online

Expat Radio Taiwan is now broadcasting to a limited number of listeners through a licensed rebroadcaster in the United States. E. R.T.

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Interesting. Its a start. Its something.

Tried the link, but couldn’t hear anything.

I’ve no problem with the Live365 link. Sounds good. Congratulations Eric for starting up.

I DL’d Jet Audio and run it thru there. Works very well.

[quote=“Eric W. Lier”]Expat Radio Taiwan is now test broadcasting to a limited number of listeners through a licensed rebroadcaster in the United States mandate. E. R.T.

Can we make this a sticky?


We have a live show tonight by Ben G. of the Dragon Fly Jamboree. 10PM to 12PM

I’ve been enjoyig it so far. :slight_smile:

What do you think of the music?

I thought the music they played was good. I think I enjoyed the random chatting even more (it was something different). It was cool the the random chatter was Taiwan related. I almost never listen to the radio (never have, even back home). I thought it was cool.

The only people than can listen to this are people who are sitting in front of a computer or are in the vicinity of a computer
This will obviously restrict the listenership
Would it be more logical not to have the station on say 6 hours a day at say peak times

7 till 9 in the morning

and then

8 till 11at night

since this would be the time most people would be at home and thus be in earshot of a computer.

Is it possible also to log how many people at what time are listening?
This would be important for advertising and getting revenue

I would also look into the possibility of using cell networks to broadcast to phones but this would be later on once you are established and the technology is established

dj politix is broadcasting live right now from the swamps of Taichung

Voice of the Underground

Check it out at:


It’s a freestyle night, so send in your requests and he’ll get them on.

He’s also got live messanger feeds in the studio!

Many thanks to the mods for putting this on top. How much does it cost to get a banner on Forumosa?
grandz.net/dragonfly/modules … /index.php

They are playing Eddie Money: Take Me Home Tonight Hadn’t heard that in a long time, and it makes me feel like an old guy. Before that was The Doors, LA Woman for those intersted in Sunday afternoon programming. Now here comes the Steve Miller Band’s - Fly Like an Eagle the 6 minute long one so the DJs can go to the bathroom version.

good tunes this pm

They are talking about politics now. You know what they say about religion and politics…wow extremely Anti-American commentary. Kind of nasty actually…

The one time I miss the Voice of the Underground show and Ben begins to sound like Heraldo Rivera,no broken nose I hope.
Did anyone record the show last night?