Expat Rental Agencies?

I am looking for some decent expat rental agencies. I tried mtr.com.tw and nar.com.tw but they both are moving slow and don’t have a lot of suitable properties.

Can anyone recommend any others?


Looking for a suitable apartment can take a lot of time depending on your luck and budget. If you have no limit for your budget, things should be easier. But otherwise, be prepare to wait. FYI, we found our home 5 months after the beginning of the search.
Here are some recommendations. All speak English:

  1. David Lai - Elegant Realty - Tel 0933-723-681 => efficient guy
  2. Glendy from Sweet Home Realty - Tel 0932-305-289 => this is the phone of her husband.
  3. Try Crown in Taipei. They have a relocation department and can help you to find an apartment.

Good luck

We just signed the lease yesterday. Master Realty came through and was head and shoulders above the others. Master Realty seemed to have a lot of experience with higher budget rentals to customers with high standards. They worked hard and earned their commission. I checked with many other realtors and they mostly wasted my time, whereas Master Realty kept showing me places that were excellent. They had many agents that spoke English as well.

Thanks for the info and congrats on finding a place that you like.

May I confirm that you are indeed now renting a place? In previous posts, I remember you posting that you had bought a rather nice villa in Xizhi (I believe). May I ask why you decided to go from owning to renting (if this is actually the case)?

Just curious, because it seems as if most people go from renting to buying a place, and I wondered if you could be troubled to explain why you went the other way. Do you sense, for example, a real estate bubble in Taiwan?

Again, thanks for the information.

I thought this was a thread about wanting to rent an expat. I am available for rental. Expensive, but available.

I thought that too… But why somebody would want to rent an Expat?

Fee: I went from owning to buying because I want to have more space, and be downtown with a view, in a nice new building, with an excellent location, etc. I can’t afford to buy that kind of place at the moment.

Got it. Thanks, Hobart.

Enjoy your new digs in the city.