Expat tattoos face with 臺灣 and independence flag


And here I thought a hangover the next day was pretty awful.


Alcohol gives you infinite patience capacity for stupidity.


“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”
― Albert Einstein


Nice gesture, but I’m not sure Taiwanese independence activists will want this guy as the “face” of their movement.

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Why is it pretty much anytime you see the word “expat” in a news headline it’s pretty much interchangeable with "fucking moron??


Eh he claims to be a citizen already. Why do they call him expat then? New immigrant better.


Sounds like people don’t want to claim him as one of their own


He appears to be a citizen of Douchetania…


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Where do these people come from?

It’s not even as if the tattoos are particularly good. He’s got some really ugly, badly inked tattoos that are totally daft on his face. And he doesn’t appear to consider this to be a problem.

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Same here!
It’s not the words and the picture that are the problem. It’s the design.
Instead of complementing the facial expression, it’s completely abusing its surface.
This tattoo “artist” is not an artist and he isn’t even a designer. Just a fool without any ethics!

It’s like he fell asleep when drinking and woke up to this distasteful prank from his drunk mates.

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white monkey level: highest level!!!


The tattoo artist is a bit of a scum. No respectable tattoo artist would agree with this especially knowing the client is drunk.


if I was him id consider going the full ronan as a cover up tattoo option.

That tattoo artist should be behind bars…

Lots of dumbass foreigners in Taiwan. Which I think is the predominate thinking of most Taiwanese thanks to people like this.

But it’s his own free will drunk or not. People are still responsible for their own actions when drunk.

No way a tattoo removal can be done without evidence remaining. Not even the best could fixed this kind of botched mistake.


Yeah he should sue the tattoo artist this is no joke.


Maybe he could cover them up with one of these:


EDIT: Most of these are of women, and the further down you scroll, the more non-Taiwanese stuff you see. A man should have a block of cross-hatching on his forehead, and a smaller, matching block on his chin. The cheek stuff is for women (provided they know how to weave). Oh yeah–I think you have to cut somebody’s head off before you’re eligible for tattoos, but considering what he’s already done to his own head, I think the spirit of the requirement has been satisfied.

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Now that he is sober, he doesn’t know what to do.


Tattoo “artist” claims foreigner was not drunk.