Expat tattoos face with 臺灣 and independence flag

As long as your country isn’t mainland China…

Just put “wai guo”.

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I live in KHH, yet I don’t know that guy in person.

However, can the moderator/s please shut down this thread ?
It is enough trashtalking by now, Helloween parties mostly over too, so
please give this guy some kind of privacy in order to manage his life.

Is that too much to be asked for ?

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The international news has reported on this guy in many countries. A few people talking here hardly means anything in perspective especially when there are plenty of other forums talking about it in English and other languages.

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Your friend should find a way to turn this wave of negative advertisement into a cash-cow.
It will be too late when everyone stops talking about it.
He did not commit any criminal offence by getting a tattoo, and getting famous by this can make money.
He needs to stop drinking and he has to stop violating the laws, otherwise the negative impact will outweigh its benefits.

Personally I think we should permanently sticky this thread so it’s preserved as a warning for future generations of Forumosans. :smirk:

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We just hit 300 replies. I am speechless.


Tattoo guy is not a loser. He is a person who has bent by the weight of sickness and the stress of making a living in a culture different from his own. We all stumble and fall. The trick is getting up.


That’s a genuinely nice thing to say, but in reality the trick is not getting up but seeking and accepting help. Until he is able to do that he will continue to stumble and fall.

Sometimes some people need to fall multiple times until they say enough is enough. All anyone can do is to be there when they do ask for help. Not help them stumble more.

Indeed. Hence my thread of where could he or anyone in similar predicaments could seek help.

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Don’t worry, I won’t be heading down to Kaohsiung to trip the poor chap up.

Well, look–he’s an alcoholic who owns a bar. It doesn’t take a prophet to predict further disasters.


Indeed. The future doesn’t look bright.

I hope he gets help. But I know people like Paul who have done enormous damage to loved ones in their sphere who are only trying to help them. It’s not right when other people are brought down with them. One person I know in particular is manic depressive and has an addictive personality, and makes his family go through a living hell, blaming them and lashing out at them for problems of his own making. So like you I hope he gets better, but I’m not quite as sympathetic to his plight as you are because I tend to think of the effect on loved ones that have no say in the matter. Perhaps you’re a better person than I am, because while you feel pity for him, my immediate reaction was he’s just a selfish idiot with no regard for himself or others. Additionally, cases like this provide ammo to guys like the troll above who thinks Paul represents all ex-pats (I don’t think the foreign culture thing has much to do with Paul’s problems either. We’re all in the same boat when it comes to that and most of us aren’t having meltdowns. I think he had problems long before he came to Taiwan, and they would’ve manifested regardless of where he lived).

Indeed. I understand your point. One’s actions affect the ones closest the most.

I always tell newcomers that when they come here they become celebrities of their own alley. It is up to them to carry themselves as George Clooney or The Bieber. That is their choice. The truth is just like a celebrity, there is already a lot of junk about foreigners. It doesn’t help. May not be true. But it does not help if you show at a party with a chimpanzee. You may not want the paparazzi on your back - or curious neighbors at least but as a celebrity, you have to learn to live with that while you are here. The situation can go from walking on eggshells to walking on landmines. Sometimes it is your choice, sometimes not. It helps to have good friends for a reality check.

And if you fall in the hands of Taiwan media, you are toast.


What’s the latest anyone been to his bar? Is he still infamous?

yeah, it’s been awfully quiet around this guy. taiwanese media not doing their job!

Should we start a GoFundMe so he can afford more face tattoos?

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Maybe the next Forumosa get-together should be held at his bar.