Expats play key role in boosting Taiwan’s tourism

Very interesting. I have a friend who is trying his hand in this field and collaborates with locals. I just wished the locals would get the " we are collaborating, not competing" angle.

that’s such good news about the ban on Chinese tourists.

peace returns to Sun Moon Lake.


It was bad when I visited Alishan. But when I visit other places not on the tour bus schedule I never bump into them, which is great !


That’s hard as they always literally try to bump into people :grinning:

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Such an odd title. Expats would always play 100% role in any country’s tourism ehhh or what am I missing ? I’m reading comprehension challenged so be gentle

Ask them why they are banning their citizens from travelling within their own country.

Expat is someone that left their country to live in another one.

Tourism is about tourists. People who visit (tempory) and go away.

So foreigners who make taiwan home are helping the industry of temporary visitors come spend money here (title meaning).

Though seems the vast majority are east asian who come in for other reasons no?

Maybe the biggest expat community getting people to come to taiwan is vietnam. But they tend to want to stay and work their ass off for taiwan and get shat on and sent back.

This year though have seen a lot more europeans in our area. Just a non important observation. With china getting more and more pollitical dimentia, taiwan is a great place to come travel amd experience “chinese” culture without as much chinese hassle.

That’s like, nothing.


Also they have a bad habit of lumping business visitors with tourists here. There’s miniscule numbers of Westerners coming here, but a LOT of South East asians.

The Thai, Vietnamese and Indonesians MUST be travelling here for the food. Lord knows Taiwanese soy sauce and msg are second to none, unlike those countrys’ lousy cuisine…

Craving food with ingredients :speak_no_evil: