Expats run around Taiwan

According to this article, two foreigners plan to run around Taiwan in 30 days carrying a Taiwan flag.

chinapost.com.tw/taiwan/nati … riates.htm

That’s like 35km every day, in the middle of summer, and one of them hadn’t run at all until 2 weeks ago.

Chances of success?


if they do a lot of training, and divide 35 km into smaller sections, run for 2 hours for each, and rest in between… and start each day really early… then maybe

Good luck to them (I mean that).

I doubt they will do much running but 35 km walking each day (flat ground) isn’t out of the question. Having a support car to carry gear would help though.

My main concern is whether or not they have health insurance in case they get sick or injured.

Yes, they do. they are legal all the way.

Does anybody know them? I’m just trying to understand their motives. Story states the original reason was to to raise money for their start up and now just for the love of Taiwan? Seems odd, usually stunts like this are done for awareness for a disease, raise money for an individual, etc. I feel like I’m missing something on this vs. 1.3 million “likes”. Any further insight on this would be greatly appreciated.

Gosh, good luck to them. I can’t help but be pessimistic though. 35km is HARD and doing that 30 days on the trot. The injuries you can get from running that far that soon can be pretty shitty.

But shit, I’m completely behind them. I hope they pull it off.

Pingdong’s temperature reached 37.9 C today, all along the west coast temperatures reach 35+. I wouldn’t ride around the island on a scooter in this temperature, much less running.

Suggested headline:

Expats Run around Taiwan for No Apparent Reason

Look guys, in my book, anything that brings positive news about Taiwan, that we can broadcast to the world in a positive light, is good news to me.

That said, these guys are friends of a friend -small community, you know- and fellow students, so I am behind this feat 100%… even though I think it is insane to step out and breath in this heat, let alone run, but that’s me.

I’ll post some pics for the ladies later. :howyoudoin:

Aye, the heat was the reason for my ‘Zilch’ comment.

Go Lao Wai’s!

A friend of mine has done this… twice! He runs 20+k daily and more on the weekends. What these guys are doing is definitely possible and has been done before, but they might have bitten off a little more than they can chew. FWIW

Wo ai Taiwan.

Do I get a prize, pretty please?

I know I didn’t run around in 35c heat or jump up and down in front of 101 tower.

But really, I lurve Taiwan.

Good Luck to them…Hydration is the key :wink:

I’m still interested in knowing how much running and how much walking they will do. Walking is much, much easier on your body and you can still cover 35 km/day. This is an awful time heatwise to do this but this is their summer break. Of course I walked across the California desert in May twice while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (full camping gear and 3-5 days food and 4-8 L water). I probably covered 175 km/week with one rest day each week. With a support car on flat ground this isn’t ridiculous but hopefully they head indoors from 11-4.

They said on their site (taiwanrun.com/?lang=en) that they’d be updating it after every run. With two runs planned for yesterday (am and pm) and no updates yet, does this mean that they’ve already thrown in the towel?

Yeah, you’d want to be running 5 to 9am, then going into hiding before doing 4 to 7 or something like that. Then it’s doable. If they’re trotting out at 9 after a leisurely breakfast then that would be slightly insane IMO. Curious too about footwear, are they wearing something quite minimal (or even barefoot), or just standard cushioned trainers?

I was just thinking that. Can anyone access their Facebook page? (I don’t have access from work.)