Expected Salary- Too high?


Sorry, man. I didn’t know you were looking for a morale booster-- I thought you were looking for honest feedback.


Sure, but there are also bazillions of Americans earning the minimum wage of $7.25/hr. So if minimum wage here is 55% of what it is there, why would jobs requiring highly-in-demand university degrees only be 20-30%? This makes no sense to me. Those can’t possibly be jobs people are moving here from the west to take.


That’s mind-blowing. ENGINEERS?!? Buxiban teachers make significantly more than that. I know freaking housekeepers who make significantly more than that here, for that matter. Why would you go to engineering school to make $17k / year? That’s nearly poverty wage, even for someone with no dependents.


Sure, among the entirety of the world’s population-- but among residents of developed capitalist democracies who hold bachelor’s degrees?? (Let alone in tech-related fields?) I don’t think so.


Welcome to Taiwan, home of cheap-ass laobans and paying people as little as possible.


Please remember that the president of Taida scolded his students for wanting more than 22k a month… after the rat race of getting into/graduating from Taida…


Depends were you graduate from. Graduate from a good school with in demand degree start at 70k/mth goes to 150k/mth after a few years (plus juicy stocks and bonuses) in the big name companies in Hsinchu.
Hsinchu is where the money is for engineers, not Taipei.
But big standard engineers…yes the number quoted sounds about right.


I don’t know how true this is, but I read that foreigners (looking for jobs in fields other than education) are paid the same rate as Taiwanese employees in order to discourage foreigners from taking away jobs that are typically offered to Taiwanese. This could explain why the salary is lower if it’s based on the market rate in Taiwan. (Although, I’m inclined to think that’s a bit low…considering how hot tech is.)


Hi everyone, I just newly joined. Would like to get everyone opinion and feedback on what is the salary band in Taipei for an sales executive level with 8 years experience in Automotive? Welcome all the comments and thanks in advance.