Expenses for owning a scooter


I am a planning to buy a second hand 125cc scooter…what are the expenses or fees that I need to pay yearly or periodically?


These are all estimates from my 4 years of owning a 125cc scooter:

  • 100NT for gas every week (this will solely depend on how far your work commute and how often you have to run errands)

  • 500NT for oil change every 1000km (roughly once every 1-1.5 months for me)

  • 1200-1600NT for insurance every year

  • 800-1500NT for new tires roughly every 5,000-6,000km

I can’t seem to factor in any other things. It will really depend on the condition of your vehicle and if you need to maintenance it after the initial purchase.

Hope the above was helpful!


Isn’t there some kind of yearly tax?
And license renewal?


There’s a yearly emissions test, which is free.


Think you have an extra zero in the mileage there.


Road tax I think.


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Just trying to keep you guys on your feet.

Nope. Same with the car license, once you get it, it’s…forever.


Repairs now and then, about 3000 NT$/year. Battery once a year, 500 NT$


There is a yearly tax of ownership as well. Around 500 NT


Yeah, that’s what I was thinking of.

My insurance dealer takes care of all this stuff for me.


Don’t forget traffic fines! :rofl:


4 years I was on my Kymco and not a single ticket until the day I receive word that my Gogoro was on the way to the shop and ready for my pick up in 2 days…I get a 600NT parking ticket.




No yearly tax for 150CC and lower scooters. AFAIK it was cancelled in ~2012.
Can check for example here


During those 4 years how many tickets did you deserve? Could you also mention when, where and why?

For…research purpose and future reference, no blackmailing at all!


None. Clean slate. Never sped and ran a right light…ever.

Oh except for that one time…everyday.


The God of Spinning Winds values honesty above all. He told me that all your sins have been forgiven.


medical bill for accidents? Seems like everyone I know had at least 1, some were minor scrapes and cuts, others much more serious and actually went back to their home country for treatment and rehab.


Thank you for the help guys!