Expenses for owning a scooter


500nt to pour out one quart of oil and put in another?

I paid 60nt but yeah that was the last century


200 incl. gear oil. 500 is for imported Yamaha + KY lube.


The price is typically just for the oil. The shop I go to saves the extra oil since it doesn’t use the whole quart. Every 5th or 6th change (forgot how often) is free.


KY ? Ahh the 500 is really for the hand lubrication

Makes sense


Thank you for all the replies, it is very helpful.


which brand of 15W-40 Full Synthetic Oil you recommend for Kymco (scooter)


Anyone at the price level above 400NTD


Usually the mechanical at the store knows which one to recommend you.
I’ve went to many different stores for that job already and they usually give me 2 or 3 options to choose from.