Experience renting in Xitun Taichung?

Very new here! I just found out I’m moving to Taichung beginning of September to teach (of course!!) in the Shalu District. I was told that I should find an apartment in the Xitun area, near Tunghai. Is there anyone who lives in that area and can tell me more about what it’s like? Any suggestions on areas to choose and areas to avoid?

How’s the public transportation system there? Sadly, I’m so FOB I have no scooter nor the license. Getting to work in Shalu might be a bit of a hassle.

OR, is there anyone who would actually vote for living in Shalu???

Thanks! Appreciate the help!

Donghai isn’t a bad choice for working in shalu, plenty of buses running along the Main road going out there. Shalu itself would be a challenge especially for a newbie. Think about getting a scooter after you get here. You may ask your employer or colleagues in your school to give you pointers for accommodation.

I live on Xitun road section 3, and like it a lot.
There’s lots of food options, some small night markets and traditional markets nearby, as well as A-Mart and another supermarket called Taisuco; all within a 10 minutes walk.
Depending on where you wanna go, you could take the BRT which passes right by. I have a scooter but I’ve stopped using it since my workplace is near a BRT stop as well. My commute went from 25 minutes to 40 minutes, mostly because of the extra walking time, but I also save on gas, scooter parking, and of course it’s way safer.

On a side note, you should definitely consider getting a scooter for those other trips which don’t have a BRT stop nearby, as getting around Taichung is hell otherwise.