Experience with 2~seat/Touring scooters in taiwan?

Hi all, I am studying in taiwan and planning on staying here fore some years. Getting my arc soon and planning on buying a bike or scooter for weekend campingtrips to hualien,mountains, kenting, etc…with my girlfriend. (we live in taichung)

At first i was pretty sure that Iwas going to buy a segment motorcycle, because they seemed sturdier and better equipped for long rides and maybe bumpy mountainroads. I was going for a sym wolf or hartford 200 or similar.
But yeserday i came across a shop that sold secondhand touring scooters, the ones that have a second , higher seat behind the first. I was intrigued, a 4 year old one went for about 38k, owner said it was 180cc??? Never heard of that, always thought it was 125,150,200,250,and up, but well… Looked on the internet and seemed to be a sym joymax touring scooter, or something like that…my gf was really fond of it because of the comfort.
So now im kind of unsure can you guys recommend that kind of machine for the type of campig trips i wanna do? arguments would maybe be more storage for tent, backpack, etc, more comfort, no wet feet if rain? ~compared to motorcycle with few storage room and hot motor between the legs…
Has anyone had good experiences with that kind of touring scooter or anyone think it might be crap? Would 150~200cc be enough for 2 light people 65 and 50kg plus tent and backpack? :slight_smile:
Greetings and looking forward to your opinions… :smiley:

I have had a few different 2 wheeled vehicles here in Taiwan, and I do a lot of traveling. My last one was a 250cc touring scooter. Yes, it is comfy, big, loads of storage and a very practical choice. A 180cc is also adequate. BUT, it never grew on me, I just love a motorcycle more…

Is there anything special to be aware of when buying this kind of scooter?

I’ve owned a kymco grand dink 150cc for the last 11 years. The extra comfort and storage space (you can fit a lot under the seat) makes it a practical for touring/camping trips. It managed to carry two people plus gear to the highest public road up on Hehuanshan without much difficulty and I have ridden it on countless camping trips into the mountains and it is still going strong. Things to look out for with the touring scooters is that many of them don’t have the flat bed where your feet go - the lack of such a feature means you can carry a lot less (and for me, I need a flat place for my dog to sit). I don’t think they manufacture the dink 150 anymore, and the 180 which is available looks a bit smaller. I think SYM make one with the flat bed.

Hey guys, so I bought my SYM Joyride (I think…lol) 180cc touring-scooter today, drove it around with my girlfriend, it feels really smooth, its got a flat bed, very comfortable, loads of storage under the seat, accelerates very fast although 9 years old, the shop owner even threw a pair of mirrors and some chrome exhaust tube heat-protection-cover thingy in for free, 19.000km machine (pretty low for 9years i think) for 36.000ntd i`m pretty satisfied so far, looks awesome, the engine sounds good, no rust on it so far, must have been treated well before, breaks work great, very comfortable and enjoyable to ride,
Well the downsides… with 2 on it can get a bit hard to turn in close curves but some balance does the job, just feels a bit bulky but okay… parking in the scooter-infested back alley behind my building is a horrible ritual of pushing and pulling the scooter back and forth while adjusting the front wheel… I will keep you guys posted after my first trip to the beach or mountains and write some reviews on how it feels outside the busy town of Taichung…

How much did your SYM cost?