Experience with Making Labor Complaint?

I am rather stressed out at the moment at trying to arrange to leave the country without being screwed over by the owner of the company I work for. I was wondering if anyone has had experience of making a complaint with the Labor Bureau, as I want to know whether this could be a back-up of any kind for me. Do they want to help foreign teachers, or are they not interested? Could you tell me the names of the people you dealt with, as who the individual is tends to make a big difference in Taiwan. I dealt briefly with an individual called Jin Ru before, who seemed to be very helpful, but she has since left the Taipei Labor Bureau. My experience with Tin Tin was that she sounded sympathetic on the phone, but when I sent her a complaint about the school I’d told her about over the phone, she said she’d ring me, didn’t, and when I finally managed to get hold of her over the phone, she seemed to basically just refuse to help me.

If you let me know some of the details by PM I might be able to help. I won’t be able to give you names of people to call, but might be able to help steer your complaint in the right direction!

Could anyone tell me about any experience they have with complaining to a government department about their employer? I urgently need to find out how long it could take and who to get to help me. Also, the more foreigners here win cases, the more everyones position is strengthened. I thought I saw a thread about some guy who was in the process right now, but I can’t find the thread again.

[url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/what-to-do-when-fired-unexpectedly/16985/23 search???[/url]

Of course I searched!!! Does being sarcastic to someone under stress because of this country’s lack of civilization make you feel better???

Wow. Glad I took the time to help you.