Experience with Taipei Gym on Bade Rd?

I recently dropped by Taipei Gym on Bade Rd to have a look - the space is small, but the staff looks friendly (they will help you use their equipment without charging extra), the place looks well-equipped, and the price seems fair:

1 YEARS = 8,000 TWD
3 YEARS = 12,000 TWD
5 YEARS = 15,000 TWD
8 YEARS = 20,000 TWD

Link: http://www.phone-yes.com.tw/nmarket_shop.php?gaid=1&gasid=8&id=6200

According to the staff, the 10% off was an old discount, no longer active. The gym is actually open from 6AM-3AM, 7 days a week. You can also freeze the account if you go overseas, and reactivate it with TWD300.

Has anyone joined this gym before? Any positive or negative experiences you can share?

I am thinking about trying this place for the 3Yr (or one of the longer) plans.