Experience with video teaching?

I have a group of adults I’ve been teaching for years. I’ve moved to a different suburb and don’t want to commute just to teach them, but they don’t want a new teacher. They requested I do it by video, but have never tried that and was wondering if anyone experienced can break that down for me.

I organise a bit of that as a consultant for an NGO that provides video teaching to remote places in Brazil. I can possibly help. What do you want to know?

Just get someone with an iPad or use a computer to set up a video chat with them. Otherwise, if they’re adults, you teach pretty much the same as ever. There shouldn’t be any behavior management problems, which are usually the issue when you’re teaching younger students remotely.

To turn on video? Or not to turn on video? That is the question. Teaching in some bumming pants really helps haha.

Is there some sort of sharing software that I can use?
For ex: giving them a powerpoint slide but somehow its me controlling it to adjust the tempo of the class, or to go back and forth instead of saying oh go back to slide 14… the second part e.t.c

What are ‘bumming pants’? :ponder:

Just sweat pants. Or is it called slacks? I’m not sure…picked it up in England.

Generally, its the first clothing item you wear after you come home from work. Provided that you have a uniform like me.
Then you proceed to ‘bum’ at home :wink: