Experiences with a Bilingual Child Who Stutters

I come from a family of stutterers (mom and brother used to stutter badly, still sometimes do) so it’s quite a sensitive subject.

My daughter has been stuttering on and off since the age of two. We did seek professional help and were advised to wait as most treatment options were for older kids.

She’s five now and speaks English and Chinese fluently (when not stuttering of course). We use both languages at home and she’s in a bilingual school.

She has been having a stuttering “episode” for the past few months. She regularly blocks on the first syllable of sentences (especially with personal pronouns) and within sentences as well, in English and Chinese. It doesn’t affect her though and she still says everything she wants to.

We are seeking help from a professional as well this time, but I decided to write this post to find out if there are any other parents here who have gone or are going through something similar.

It would be great to hear some thoughts and experiences on the subject of stuttering, and what the options for treatment are in Taiwan. Thank you.

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My daughter occasionally gets stuck on a word when speaking English. I don’t think it’s a stutter as such, she just struggles to access words. Interestingly, when we go back to the UK every summer she stops doing it. She doesn’t do it when speaking Chinese.

She’s 8 and goes to a normal Chinese speaking elementary school. We generally only speak English at home.


There are speech therapists in the public hospitals, its covered by NHI just have to pay a small additional fee. Might be worth investigating.

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Thank you for the prompt replies!

Have you had any experience with these therapists? Any particular one to recommend?

Our experience with the treatment options so far in Taipei is that they use a very outdated method. They basically identify the speech problem, tell the child he / she has a problem, and then attempt to “fix” it.

The clinic my brother and his kids got treated at (in San Diego) was all play-based, and they would never tell the child that there’s something wrong.

We’re considering Skype sessions with them at the moment, but are also looking for other local options.

I sent you a pm just now

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If this isn’t useful, or is an unnecessary distraction, I apologize, and please ignore this post. Below is the URL of what appears to be a sort of interactive map of hearing and speech therapists (please be advised that I cannot guarantee its accuracy or reliability, or anything else about it):


Google Translate does not appear to work on the place names, so I’ve listed them below (or I think I have–sorry for any errors):

基隆市 Keelung City

台北巿 Taipei City

新北巿 New Taipei City

宜蘭市 Yilan City

桃園縣 Taoyuan County

新竹巿 Hsinchu City

新竹縣 Hsinchu County

苗栗縣 Miaoli County

台中巿 Taichung City

彰化縣 Changhua County

南投縣 Nantou County

花蓮縣 Hualien County

雲林縣 Yunlin County

嘉義巿 Chiayi City

嘉義縣 Chiayi County

台南巿 Tainan City

高雄巿 Kaohsiung City

台東縣 Taitung County

屏東縣 Pingtung County

澎湖縣 Penghu County

The map may be intended for the benefit of the professional persons rather than for patients and their relatives and friends, so I’m not sure how useful it is. I put it up here just in case it contains anything helpful.