Experiment into the Unknown

I wasn’t trying to scare anyone. My original post was meant as nothing more than an experiment - like I said, let’s see what happens. If it comes to nothing, then fine, but there are so many stories about prediction of the future that some research is needed to determine whether there is anything to it or not. Noone has proven that fortune tellers are always wrong, so I don’t think it’s up to any individual to censor discussion on the topic.

Here’s my original post:

Hard to argue with that.

I predict that something big will happen in my bed tonight.

I’ll be in HK from the 7th to the 12th. I hope it will memorable in a good way.

Hard to argue with that.[/quote]
Maybe not always but most of the time, in particular the more specific they are.
I read this in the news recently where a scientific study concluded such based on the analysis of last years predictions.

My advise: don’t waste or bet any money on them.

The reason I described it as I did was because I got the information third-hand, but it was definitely implied that it would be something bad, along the lines of the tsunami, but perhaps not as big.

You could flounder Omniloquacious’ post, but that’s no excuse to flounder this whole thread.

Should I have been less subtle in pointing out the laughability of your soothsayer’s less-than-explicit vaticination? :wink: