Expired visitor visa, or still valid after ARC?

Hey All,

I searched the forum and got conflicting answers… Let’s see if we can get to the bottom of this!

Came to Taiwan with a 5 year multiple entry tourist visa, had a secured job, and an ARC. Switching to a new job, but going to the USA for a little while before it starts.

I am planning on getting a new visitor visa and just starting fresh with the new job. Get the health checkup, new work permit, ARC, etc.

But, my current visitor visa still has valid dates printed on it, even though it also has a random blue stamp on the top right corner, I think implying it is a resident visa or that I am an ARC holder.

Will the TECO office in the US issue me another visitor visa, even though the dates on this one still say valid, is the visa itself still valid?



Unless things have changed, the way I understand it is that you need a resident visa before you get an ARC. I didn’t think you could get an ARC with a visitor visa.

When I made the switch from being a visitor to being a resident, they canceled my visitor visa (multiple entry, 5-year validity) and gave me a resident visa (single entry, no validity dates). At that time, my visitor visa was still valid for about 3 more years. Then I had to get an ARC and re-entry permit.

Thanks for the reply… They have put a stamp on my visitor visa, a blue stamp, with some random numbers on it and issued me an ARC… Not sure what that means and if the TECO in the USA will issue me a new visitors visa or not.

What ended up happening? I’m having approximately the same issue… http://www.forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopic.php?f=67&t=86122 I would really like to know if my visitor visa is still valid.

When teh reason given for the ARC ceases to exist, so does the ARC. No matter what is printed on it, or in your passport, once you leave yoir job/cancel ARC for whatever reason, counter is set. Any date ther eis just a reference, if not supported by actual work visa or marital/joining family, etc. then it becomes invalid.

This is very important if you ever want to get a permanent residence visa.

When you leave the country, the clock is set to zero and when you request the new visitor vosa at TECO, it is like you have never been here. They issue the maximum they please, extendable if you leave the country again… for a while. Their issueing a new visa depends on whetehr the reasons for your visit are solid and you have the corresponding financial support, round trip ticket, etc. they ask for.