Explain the logic of this Chinese sentence


Context: new full-time job after graduation, in which employee is assigned job responsibilities. Operative pronoun, though left completely out, is “I”.

“Because I already had experience in gear manufacturing technology from my summer vacations, my first job [that I was assigned after graduation] was in sales.”

Huh? What does gear manufacturing technology experience have to do with sales?

Long shot, but I think the emphasis is that the student had “practical” experience in business (and all business is alike in his/her mind)…maybe? So s/he could hit the ground running? (Same as the boss or supervisor probably wants to do?)

Gear sales?

They’re either implying gear manufacturing technology related sales or gear sales, or they’re BS-ing a connection here to look good. I wouldn’t try too hard to look for logic in what some people write; just translate the meaning and let their poor logic or ambiguities stand.

Perhaps it’s trying to say something like: “My experience of working for a gear manufacturer in the summer vacation helped ease me into my first job in business after graduation.” Or it paved the way or pointed the way for him to embark on his career in the business sector. Awfully vague! I hope his/her duties don’t involve any necessity for written communication.

It turns out that later on in the essay, the writer reveals that he did sales and customer service involving mechanical equipment. I suppose that bit of info should have been mentioned in that sentence, and not a few paragraphs down?

I guess it’s one of those cases where the writer forgets that the reader is someone other than him!

Western logic: linear discourse (A, therefore B.)
Chinese logic: spiral discourse (C, D, H, J, therefore B.)
Poor Taiwanese speaker/writer logic: mosquito discourse (“There’s a point here somewhere…it’s buzzing around me…wait…wait <slap!> oops, missed it, now my head hurts…wait, there it is…I’ve got it this time…<slap!> ouch! hurts worse…wait, sounds like it’s coming closer <bzzzzzzZZZZZ!> <slap!>”)