Explain this advert please

Found at Victoria Station in the UK

Slogan is “it’s a doddle”

What exactly does that mean? Isn’t it a bit negative?


It’s a very odd slogan. It means “it’s easy” but the whole thing is weird. Who’s meeting up? Why are we meeting in Taiwan?

With that imagery they’re probably aiming at people who don’t quite get the difference between Taiwan and Thailand.


Not at Taipei Main Station it isn’t.


I’m afraid to say that it reeks of a Taiwanese person who’s studied in England.


I would go as far as saying the North of England

“We don’t need to use a British advertising agency. My daughter’s just finished her MBA in Manchester.”


I guess “Naruwan” “Touch Your Heart” and “Heart of Asia” weren’t working? And they weren’t bold enough to try “Taiwan: The Other Thailand” or “Get Laid Cheap!”

Yesterday’s Alex comic (11 June 2019) taught me this Britishism:


(“Getting out of Europe should be a doddle in comparison.”)


MBA at Manchester University, that’s way to advanced. My son is on a working holiday in Liverpool, I’m higher up in the government than you so he can do it. Also he will charge twice as much as the agency so the government pays for his holiday.


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I dunno. Doddle is more south. A northern slogan would be; “Taiwan, it’s reet good”


South would be “one should come to Taiwan and see the locals”

And if it was Phil the Greek he would add
“but don’t stay to long” followed with a comment about eyes or suits


May I remind you , Sir, that one uses “ doddle “ in the North as well . Depends where the Airport was though , as to whether it may be understood …I think , “Taiwan … not Thailand ” would work :yum:

" The hardened east end criminal might find one year in gaol a doddle ."

from Hansard. Actually no one knows where it comes from.

The story of Taiwan

‘Come to Taiwan! Our women were born women.’


But made me chuckle.

Well. That’s the stereotype of Thailand.

Every time I tell someone I live in Taiwan, they ask how the ladyboys are.

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Well you just tell them the ladyboys are mighty fine mister, just mighty fine.

I have warned you time and time again…stop fraternising with the ex-Colonials

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