Explain this one away

So, I line up my class this morning to take them down to the playground. For once we are early, so they will be the first class to play on the swings etc. We walk casually down there, me chatting to the kids about the school day etc. “Look teacher, look, what are they doing?” Well, it was a dog, up on his back legs, casually fucking a cat. What could I do, but tell them they were fighting. Yuk.
Fortunately the offending ‘lovers’ made their escape through the railings, but the damage was done. Its burned into my memory. And the kids have been talking about ‘the fight’ all morning!

They are practicing being rice kings? :laughing:

Tell them to view it as symbolizing the close and loving relationship between the mainlander KMT regime and the other ethnic groups already living here when they arrived on this island. Even at those kids’ tender age, they surely wouldn’t need to be told which animal represented which group. :laughing:

Ok two ways

  1. The cat is sick and the dog is pushing the cat home
  2. The cat told the dog a joke and the dog is laughing himself silly


Isn’t that a sign of the Apocalypse??

You should’ve gotten pictures. Larry Flynt woulda paid a fortune.

I was thinking such an unnatural event… must be an omen of some sort or other.

I just can’t get my head around this one. Dog and cat? No.

How the hell did the dog catch the cat? Was the cat screaming in protest? Or, was the cat enjoying this forbidden love?


The cat had just got flattened by a car and the dog was pumping it back up.

“Why, little one, our tribe names its children according to the first thing the father sees when he looks out his teepee after the birth. Why do you ask, Dog fucks Cat?”

so now instead of “it’s raining cats and dogs”, we can say “it’s dogs braining cats.” well, not so catchy. sux actually.

actually, there is a biblical analogy of lions lying with lambs. though i don’t think this is what they had in mind ie dogs getting a lay with cats.

so if they could interbreed and create a mule (not a mule mule, but a mule), what would it be called? a dat?

my favorite: I’m a Mog. half-man, half-cat… I’m my own best friend.

friday afternoon. must leave.

shouldnt that be half man half dog?

Well, the cat was sort of squatting on all fours, and the dog was sort of stood over it, giving it a good pumping. Was it rape? Well, they seemed to flee in the same direction, so I guess it really was coitus interruptus.

I knew I’d heard of this before. Who ya gonna call??

But just wait till the try to get married… :shock: This is just what the religious wrong was talking about when they said same-sex marriages would be the end of civilization. First two men a-humping, and now cats & dogs. HOR-RI-BLE!!!

It is a harbinger of the apocolypse. :unamused:

Not so unusual.

I’ve been called a dog before.

I’ve been known to casually fuck some pussy.

I caught my rabbit shagging my cat once.

I don’t believe it! It’s a fake! It’s gotta be…doesn’t it?


I don’t believe it! It’s a fake! It’s gotta be…doesn’t it?


I saw a pic of a cat “romancing” a male dog. Now that’s one wimpy dog.

Hey, who are you to judge?? You shouldn’t hold a dog’s choice of, or number of, partners against it. Would you reject a dog because it . . . :smiley:

If a dog got spanky with my cat, I would most certainly reject it, but I think my cat would beat me to it seeing as he kicked the crap out of the last dog who tried to come close to him. Literally. :stuck_out_tongue:

“Spanky”, Imani? :astonished: Are our furry friends into that kind of stuff as well?

“Spanky”, Imani? :astonished: Are our furry friends into that kind of stuff as well?[/quote]
My xgf’s cat used to sneak up and whack her dog. They were good friends. So yes, they’re into that.