Exploding iPhone in car!


I like how it explodes and the idiot driver does nothing. Just ho-hum… I’ll keep driving… nothing to watch here. And then the fire erupts, ha ha

Now, was that iPhone placed on the dashboard under extreme temperature conditions?
If so, perhaps she forgot that little hint in the hand booklet explaining not to put phones in extreme temperature conditions (both hot and cold).

now a days we are facing many such cases of phone exploits. Dn;t make a call while phone is on charging.

I guess, pretty hot behind the windshield, black dashboard.

Could be a fake cell phone, or they had it repaired at some unauthorized street shop who put a cheap battery in it or unauthorized repair shop or they were using a fake charger few minutes earlier could be many things not directly attributed to a real untouched iPhone.

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You’ve been outed, Mr. Tim Cook.
I’ve got other complaints about iPhones for you sir, like no dual SIM card functions, screen sizes…
The list goes on from there.

And the OEM Taiwan owned company gets to stay in the closet.

So does that mean I shouldn’t have an iphone in Hualien?

you need one of these in your outback:

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Bugger the outback.

I reckon if I stood still long enough in Hualien I would start growing mould it is that hot and humid, and Holy mother of god It was that hot today I was forced to drink copious amounts of the ‘Green Death’ (Taiwan beer) just to stay hydrated.

It does get very hot on the dashboard.
Not a good place for a cellphone

Should have bought an HTC phone…

Come now you little beermonster, we all know that wasn’t the truth. :sunglasses:

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Hey, you made it to Hualien…welcome! Are you still going to attend Tzu Chi? When do classes start?

Uh oh, off topic. OK, iPhone…exploding…wow!

An iPhone? Well deserved.

You shouldn’t have an iPhone wherever you live!

“I reckon if I stood still long enough in Hualien I would start growing mould it is that hot and humid”

Depends tho, latest trends for iPhones lovers!
Anti-mold, prevents Hong Kong feet!


Combined with …


Just quickly. Yes to Tzu Chi and February 3rd.

Consuming alcohol is completely contrary to my religious beliefs, however there are certain circumstances where copious quantities are permitted.:grinning:

I think I need these, even the soles of my feet are sweating.