Exploding Mercedes

Anyone see the old ass Mercedes that spontaneously and violently exploded, killing the driver instantly? The media reported that a liquid solvent was involved. The car was allegedly serviced regularly, insert your own joke here.


no laughing matter. poor fellah :frowning:

i did see the news and my chinese suck. honestly the 1st thing that pop in my mind was OMG find out who fixed his car. after watching the replay and how it exploded i figured he had something highly combustable and under pressure around the passenger seat area. kinda intrested to know what it was, make a great car bomb :slight_smile:

What the video shows was not an “accident.”

I can think of a few people I wouldn’t mind that happening to.

Doesn’t look like an accident alright, some type of bomb.

That’s so awful. Not any kind of accident. It could have killed any number of people. I bet the driver of the scooter behind him was pretty stunned, but it looks like he/she was pretty alert for a Taiwanese driver. I wonder if the explosion could have been remotely detonated. Surely not.

No idea what really happened but somebody could simply have taped a plastic bottle of petrol to the hot engine? But it looks like it filled the whole car in an instant…hard to explain this one.

Nope, petrol won’t auto-ignite even on a hot engine manifold, needs an actual spark or open flame. Besides that was an explosion from inside the car, not the engine bay. Unless the guy was a clumsy smoker and in the habit of driving around in a car ankle deep in gasoline, I’d say there’s a distinct possibility that he owed money to the wrong people.

Petrol like most liquids don’t even burn it has to become a gas first and a explosion like that wiould need a perfect fuel air mix. If to lean it won’t ignite, to rich it would not look like that and might not ignite.

The gas from petrol can self ignite if it’s hot enough, but the heat needed is set by the octane number. Higher octane number means higher heat.

I would guess that if it was not a bomb he was transporting something in the car witch should not be in enclosed space.
Thinner for paint, leaking propane container.

[quote=“llary”] The car was allegedly serviced regularly, insert your own joke here.


Perhaps more relevant that his debt was serviced regularly, or his wife, or someone elses, or vice versa, etc etc.

Lexus that wont stop, Mercedes that blow up, how will this all end up?

Yeh, I was thinking that (assuming the guy hadn’t done anything to annoy the FRENCH) this had all the hallmarks of a Toyota operation.

camry also exploded…

wjqcw.com/html_wj/2010/0415/ … TgyNQ.html

That was in China apparently and the driver lost a leg. Whats happening with these two explosions? Any updates on why?