Exploiting Kpop's popularity for romantic gains

Was K-pop involved? :grin:

No, I can’t sing or dance. But I guess that was fine for her.

But that was honestly the only time I’ve ever experienced this. I’m not sure how popular K pop really is.

So disappointed. I was picturing @Andrew0409 lip-syncing and dancing to the latest K-pop hits.


I can confirm for Chile and Argentina. A lot of us grew up with Japanese media (primarily anime, Jrock, and doramas). They were shown on national TV at the time kids get back from school, so pretty much everyone watched them.
Then, Kpop and Kdramas came along and they became even more popular than their Japanese counterparts (except for anime). Now, with Netflix and YouTube, Thai, Chinese, and even some Taiwanese dramas have become popular too.
Because of the dramas and the “perfect boyfriend” persona that Kpop idols project, girls have the stereotype that all asian guys dress well, are handsome, romantic, and respectful.

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Thanks. Looks like my Latin adventure isn’t over.

I heard that Argentina is the hardest place in the world outside the Middle East to pick up women (for everyone). I’ll just go meet women in church there.

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Really? That’s certainly not the stereotype we have in Chile. Also, although this is not a representative sample, my female argentinean friends and family don’t play hard to get and if they like a guy they ask him out themselves instead of waiting for the man to make the first move.

Dad joke.

By pick up I mean pick up complete strangers at the mall, etc. or in a club.

You have to go through friends.

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Not really. Parts of Buenos Aires can demand quite a lot of effort, but other cities are unproblematic.

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Are we talking about the same thing? Picking up girls you don’t even know?

North Korea lol

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Very much doubt the methodology of this “survey”.

Argentinian women are used to being absolutely pestered by Arg guys who are extremely active. So a laid-back approach is not going to work, gotta turn it on. But given that, no way Argentina is like the Middle East. Maybe for some PUA nerds (where this “data” is probably from), it is… Just the fact that they don’t have UK and Nordic countries as “easy” says it all.

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Inspired by K-dramas, women from around the world are travelling to South Korea to find love

I wonder what percentage of them will be massively disappointed… :sweat_smile:



This is probably the same demographic that used to think the French are “romantic.” :laughing:


“Used to”?!

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Meh. Come for the idealized romantic dude, stay for the alpha.

Japan should be green.


OK, I guess there’s a sucker born every minute… :sweat_smile:

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