Has anybody seen this site? What a bunch of dorks. I keep hearing about this site, but I don’t get it. It’s not funny and some of the stuff is downright offensive. I think these Taiwan expats have way too much time on their hands.

Yer right… but look at this one… I love it!! HARSHIP POSTING

Diffrent strokes, annoyed. I like it. I think some of it is very funny and I especially like the offensive stuff. The part about the little kid getting to feed a cheeseburger to the “fully mature large female” in Tienmu had me in stitches.
Peter Perves used to do a dead funny column in one of the papers, but he tried just a little too hard to be Gonzo a la Hunter S.

The guys at expo, I think adhere to the same tenet as I, i.e. that of the red-haired Indian.

That hardship posting site is just an advertisement for a lame book. I bought that book one time when I was in an airport and I want my money back. I didn’t see a refund button on the site though.

I hadn’t seen it until this post, the Tien Mu reserve was brilliant, likewise the child & the cheesburger was outstanding. I don’t know anything about these guys - what’s the scoop?

Annoyed you gotta get out more, this is funny. Didn’t you read the prison interview?

New fan, the prisoner story isn’t a joke. That’s the real deal.

I dig the site, too. Thanks for the link, annoyed. Are those the guys I saw putting on a sumo tournament in fulong wearing diapers a few weeks ago?

The same.

damn. ee is DA BOMB. HI-larious!

i happened to fall onto a printed copy and they had this thing:

TEACHERS a musical comedy

that was absolutely hilarious. people of this website would do well to pick up this thing or check out their website. who knows, they might even develop a sense of humour and bitch less (or bitch less about stupid shit).

Does anyone know how often this site changes? I think its great, but is it one of those sites that stays the same for months at a time? Also, the archives seem kind of screwy. Maybe I should just write them directly.

Well, gee whiz. Sorry I found a site written by guys who wear diapers to be childish. I have to say, however, that I did give the site a second chance based on the opinions of the above posters and I did find the letter written by the guy’s father criticizing the site to be very funny. Thanks for the support, Pop!

Thanks for the link annoyed! I really enjoyed it, even though I only glanced at it. I was in Tein mu on Saturday for the first time (I only just arrived in Taipei) and it was like being in reserve.I’m sure that I will continue to check them out. Where do you get a print copy from murphy (or anyone who knows)?

Doesn’t David Frazier work for the Taipei Times? I have seen his name appear on some of the feature articles in the times. Also, he wrote an article for the Taipei Times about foreigners in jail and he has a similar article at expoextra. Must be the same guy.

Yeah, that’s the same Dave Frazier.
If the Times were a less conservative rag, you might see more kookiness ala EE in its pages.

Those guys are definately juveniles Annoyed, but their brand of humour tends to grow on you. Especially if you’ve been in Taipei as long as most of them have.

It’s about time Expo Extra received wider recognition. Poor Sean has been trying so hard to promote it.

I reckon they oughta print up some t-shirts next. Or a sheet of blotter acid with the EE logo all over it… for those who just don’t
‘get it’.

Its a nice site for sure. It really shows the expat scene here in Taiwan. And, its like, isn’t it time that we all had a really good laugh, or, for that matter, a really good job!!! haha

Do they have a message board?

What the heck is going on with this site lately? Do they all have STDs or what? That may explain why they have been rather slow lately putting up new material.

Writing to retract my previous opinion of expoextra.com. I saw their play and it was pretty damn good. I think I am slowly starting to get their warped sense of humour. The site still needs some help with the html and the archives though. Sorry for the original complaint.

If anyone’s interested, I saw on EE that they are selling cuban cohiba cigars for NT$4000 a box for the cuban national baseball team here for the world cup. Details can be found there. Appparently, you have to get your order in before Sunday.