Exporting business chance

We are a Taiwan-based welding machine manufacturer founded in 1978 and the first manufacturer gaining the ISO-9001 certificate. Since we have also invested the manufacturers of welding machine accessories in China, we would like to take this chance for the business opportunity with you.
We can provide any consumables and accessories equipment of welding/cutting/inverter machine. If you have any questions, we will be willing to provide you further information.

If any one who has chance to contact wholesalers from developing counties, such India, Brazil, Africa …

Hi Josh,

I’m Brazilian, and at February I’m gonna move to Taiwan. I wanna know, if you have any job opportunity, I could help you to figure out better the Brazilian market as well as help you to find some business opportunities here in my country.

Best Regards,
Feel free to contact me: araujobsdport@gmail.com.