Exporting Pets out of Taiwan


As I understand it, you would have to pay that even if you had no baggage - or at least, that's what we have been told.

It's pretty cheap when you consider the lifelong gift you're bestowing on them. :wink:


Lifelong gift?!?!?!? Hahaha, I'm going back in winter. I'm going to figure out how to make them snow the sidewalks. Once they do that, then we can talk "lifelong gift". :laughing: (pls pc police read:scarism)


Hi, I would like to know if any of you has used Eva Air cargo to export your pets out to your home country & how is it. I will finally be bringing my 2 rabbits back home to Singapore and tentatively I'm considering Eva. Few questions:

1) I'm worried about the humidity, temperature etc in the cargo hold, oxygen level maybe even! Are my fears unfolded? Do i have to really drill it into the cabin crew etc to make sure my pets will be safe and sound? Or any advice?
2) Are the papers required: 1) medical certificate 2) export permit 3) import permit? is that all?
3) Any other option available like pet movers?

Need all the help I can get, thanks! :help:


This information is from Pettravel.com. Just look under Directory. You'll see Pet Immigration and Quarantine Rules and Airline info. Just make sure you confirm all this with the actual quarantine office in Singapore and the airline company.


Okay, American Airlines won't let me travel with my dogs because of weather restrictions. Now add to that, it's the busiest season and my travel agent is telling me that it's hard to find a one way ticket. But if I found a two way ticket then I would be okay. :astonished: :loco:

So, are there weather restrictions on cargo travel?


Maybe they are concerned about leaving a live animal outside in sub freezing temperature during loading. Just guessing.

Check out the return ticket price, sometimes it's the same as a one way believe it or not. Besides that, you can come back for a visit. :slight_smile:

Just be thankful you don't have 4 week plus quarantine when they get there, like our dog will have. :fume:


If i come back, it's to live...I'll see about getting an open ended rt ticket. Thanks for the update. I shall concur this!!! :laughing:


My wife was in contact with a local dog rescue club and they prepared 3 dogs for transport for Germany for me.

I met them at the airport in Taoyuan and all I had to do was to push the cart through the customs in Germany, Frankfurt airport. A German waited outside, from the local animal-protection-club and off they were to new owners. Worked absolutely smootly.

Just felt like blubbering that out...



I plan on leaving Taiwan and taking my dogs and cats with me next year but I'd love to get some information on it now so I can start planning. I have heard that some people go through a company to do all the work for them, and I've heard it's pretty easy to do it alone. I am trying to go for the cheaper route considering I have 4 animals.

After reading this entire thread, it seems China airlines is a good airline when taking pets home. If anyone has any other suggestions on airlines, please share!


i brought my two taiwan born cats into the usa (san francisco) in 1999. it was an involved process that had to be followed exactly to the letter of the law !! no exceptions to this rule.

it basically involved visiting a vet thats on the approved list (not every vet is approved for this purpose) as step one. There the vet will check out your dog or cat and issue a certificate, and also vaccinate the animal against rabies. ONce this shot has been given it was necesarry to wait at least 30 days before leaving taiwan and no more then 90 days to leave taiwan.

step two was to go to the government office in keelung handling animal exports where the government vet inspects the animals again. he then issues another certificate

step three was to contact the airline (in my case EVA) . and when you have decided on the day to travel, a few days before that you must notify the airline and the airline will send a cable to the US CUSTOMS SERVICE stating that the animals will be coming to the usa.

and of course you have to buy a cage for each animal (in my case two specific sized cages for my two cats , individually housed). along wiht a water bottle attached to each cage.

then when the airline has notified you that its ok to travel. you bring your cats to the airport. after checking in they take your animals and you dont see them till arrival at destination airport (note. EVA will only allow one cat and no dogs to travel with each ticketed passenger in the cabin itself, in my case i was alone with two cats so elected for both cats to stay together in the pressurized special animal hold....where by the way there is nO inflight access. so your cats have zero care).

after surrendering your animals their fate is no longer in your hands. they will be transported by hand to the airplane and loaded onto the airplane in the special animals hold which is pressurized and heated and lighted (so they say). the charge was 6000nt per cat for me then. the shots costs another 1000nt each .

then when i arrived in san francisco. approach a immigration officer to enquire bout the cats. they will soon bring them out by hand. they are in fact escorted off the aircraft by hand and taken to the terminal . in my case we arrived with hundreds of people from several jumbos at the same time and i was afraid it would be a very long line to wait in. but in fact the customs guys who brought my cats out just opened a gate for me and my cats to pass thru and i was out of customs right then and there and cats free to go home wiht me to my dads. they dindt travel bad at all, were very quiet and when let out in their new home went craxy with enthusiasm and happiness. one is still with me happily while the other died after living to an old age.


I am going to take my two kitties Isalu and Mariposa to the United States within the next nine months. Exactly what I am looking at as far as a timeline for health checks and certificates?

Also since I will most likely do the Northwest Airlines Osaka-Detroit flight, I wonder if it would be better to keep them together for company in a bigger carrier or separate them for the flight since it'll be pretty scary for them and they like to sit in the same carrier when we go to the vet. Mariposa will be no older than 2-1/2 years old and Isalu will be 6-1/2 years old (both are more than likely Geminis).


I checked the pettravel.com website for Northwest. the kitties have to be separated although the carrier I have is up to airport standard. The only thing is Isalu hates it, but Mariposa regularly curls up and sleeps inside it. I wonder if I brought Isalu as carry-on to help keep him calm and let Mari go as cargo. But that wouldn't be fair, would it? I also assume that it's pretty easy to get absorbent pads for their carriers in any pet shop although I don't remember seeing them. I am surprised how easy it is to import them. Also it's good that I am putting off my return until after Chinese New Year since both Taipei and Texas/Louisiana have temperature restrictions during the summer when I was originally planning to return. I guess both kitties get to go into cargo, but I will feel even worse if I get to use my massive air miles to get bumped up to business class while they get nothing but whiskas in a plastic box. I'll make it up to them. :smiley:

I feel like about two tons have been lifted off my shoulders by reading this thread and the pettravel.com website.


better check with the relevant authorities for the latest regulations. All the hassle is on the Taiwan side, ONce you are in USA. Your cats can go straight home with you.

When I did it a few years ago. EAch animal needed its own cage with a water bottle at least (attached) and locked by a lock or wire. There were particular time frames involved too. If I remember correctly the first thing is to visit a vet thats on the list of vets allowed to process animals for export (your local vet can help direct you as mine did). And then the animals have to get the required rabies and other shots. And then after those shots are given the animals have to wait a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 90 days to leave the country. No less , no more. But the next step is , after 30 days you have to take them to a government vet at the government houses in Keelung (your vet can give you the address) and have your animals inspected by a government vet. Then you notify your airline of the intended day of travel. And pay the related fees for animal transport (for me it was 6000 nt each cat by EVA Air to San Francisco). And then the airline will notify the US CUSTOMS of the impending arrival of your animals. Then you show up at the airport and at check in a Taiwanese customs officer will verify that all the papers are in order and take your cats from you. They will then load the cats into a special animal ready hold on the aircraft and you dont see them again (or even have access to them during flight) until at your destination when US Customs agents will meet the cats at planeside and carry them personally to you at the baggage carosel of your arrival flight. Thats how it worked for me, it was easy and straight forward. The shots costs about 3000nt each cat and the transport 6000nt so it was 9000nt per cat . But straight forward and as long as you follow all the rules to the T, you are fine.


I also had a choice to have one cat with me in the passenger compartment of the aircraft, but I felt that its very unfair to the other cat. So i let both of them go together and it was the right decision. As basically they are in a cargo hold thats windowless and there is no one there and no other animals. But I understand that its lighted though. But basically it would be totally scary to the one cat that went in there. At least with two they can see and hear each other and take comfort there.

My two cats arrived in a state of semi shock. but not agitated , instead they were in a state of total calm. I guess they were probably scared on the plane. They drank hardly any of their water and was probably dehydrated . There was no piss either. Just make sure they pee and poo before you head out to the airport as thats probably their last until arrival. When they arrived at my dads house in SAn Fran. They were sooo happy and ran around the house and funny thing, didnt even seek out the liter box till hours later. Meaning they got a bit dehydrated on the plane and really had no pee in them.


I'm going to be taking at least 3 animals back to the states next year. Maybe right after Christmas. I live in Kaohsiung and have no idea how to get them to the Taoyuan airport. Can they take a flight from Kaohsiung to Taoyuan?

Also, does anyone know any good agents I can talk to?


I think you could take them by train to Taipei, but then you would need a cab or ride to Taoyuan.


Hello everyone! I will definitely be leaving in late August, back for Louisiana. I noticed someone mentioned there are restrictions on having pets on planes during these hot months. What's that all about?

And also, since I will be taking three cats back, does anyone have any tips on helpful agents? Or should I just do it all by myself? Three cats seems like a lot of work by myself.


I am going to do all this by myself but I am not sure about threethings:

  1. After I get the papers from my vet, I have to go to the government inspection place. If I am leaving Aug 10, can I go there a few days before I leave? Or is there a time minimum or limit?

  2. I am going to USA. My vet says my cat needs the chip. But some of you guys say they don't. What's that about?

  3. The crate: does the crate need to have a "moat", that second layer at the bottom? And do you need to include food and water or only water?


I think it depends on your carrier. Please check this out when making your travel arrangements. I know that some carriers have a summer embargo for short-nosed dogs, but like I said, best to double check with the airline carriers that you will be taking (both international and domestic). Find one that will accomodate you and your furry friends.

Yes, you can go there a few days beforehand. I think your health certificate is only valid within 10 days of departure. Give yourself a little bit of time in case there is a mistake. It's straightforward and pretty simple, but there is no room for error.

Sorry, I don't know either. For dogs it is required. Can someone out there answer this question please?

You will have to double-check with your air carrier on the requirements. It is not really recommended to put food and water in the crate when departing. But, some carriers require that you have a snap-on plastic dish for food and water. Probably in case somebody will give them something to eat or drink while in transit or waiting between flights.


Thanks! Also, a crate is supposed to have a "LIVE ANIMAL" and "THIS WAY UP" stickers on all sides.

Does anyone know where to get this?