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The country is South Africa. The pet is a cat. I have never done anything like this so any info from A to Z is great. Health checks, quarenteen, medication for kitty, how and where does she travel…etc. I have been to a vet when I first found her and she had her shots but by the time I leave that will have a year before so does she need all new shots or the same ones again?
Thanks for the responses[/quote]

So according to you,

If we travel and want to bring along with us our pet, we have to have all those things, like health checks, guarantee, medication.

Is that right ?

It’s so complicated and I have never bring my dog with me whenever i travel.

I manage to bring him this time


The BARK website has lots of info on exporting pets from Taiwan to South Africa, Australia, Canada/ USA, and the UK. Click here for details:


my girlfriend and i recently exported our dog and cat from taiwan to england and ran into problems using 海灣寵物. their blog is at tw.myblog.yahoo.com/hwpet12356665/

and i would thoroughly recommend against using such a company.

terrible understanding of the regulations required for bring pets to the UK


[quote=“casshern”]my girlfriend and i recently exported our dog and cat from taiwan to england and ran into problems using 海灣寵物. their blog is at tw.myblog.yahoo.com/hwpet12356665/

and I would thoroughly recommend against using such a company.

terrible understanding of the regulations required for bring pets to the UK[/quote]

Thanks for posting this observation.
What kind of problems did you run into?
How did you find them?

I was informed by Yang Ming vet that the Pet passport - the rabies certificate that is sent to Belgium and costs 6K is only good for 2 years.
After 2 years you have to go through the process again - that is do a new blood extraction and have it sent off to Belgium and obtain the certificate.

I had to do this 6 months ago and for another I have to do this month as its certificate will be two years in 6 months time.

Anyone else aware of this?


I called DEFRA in the UK and they were unaware of any 2 year restriction for the rabies antibody certificate.
They did say it could be the Taiwan side asking this.
But what would the Taiwanese care if the certificate was two years old or not?

The UK stipulates that the pet needs the booster within the time of the expiry date (which could be a year or even three) for the rabies shot.
This of course after the antirabies antibody certificate has been long done and passed.

DOES anyone know anything about the two year restriction?
Judging by the lack of responses it looks like a NO.
Is there a body to call at immigration (who knows what they are talking about) about whether they reject older than two years certificates? Or has anyone traveled with a certificate older than two years.

Yang Ming vet was informed by a Pet exporter about the restriction and called them up while I was there to clarify.
I am thinking that the pet exporter has the wrong information?

I don’t know.




Feels like I’m now writing a blog and I’m the only one reading it.

I got hold of the Taiwan quarantine number (0227387868)and they informed my friend and Yang Ming vet of the 2 year rule.
So after two years you have to apply for a new certificate for the antibody rabies level (which costs 6000NT).

However they claim if your previous certificate has reached the 2 year period then you can still travel with it or I should say the Taiwanese will give you an export license for your animal.
It still doesn’t feel right that I would be granted an export license say three months after the 2 year period (when the Taiwan department require you apply for a new certificate (which usually forbids you traveling with the animal for 6 months).

I don’t know if this is the case traveling to Non UK countries.

The Taiwan office had no idea what the requirements were for entering the UK (which I posted in an earlier post).

The worst case scenario is I am fu#cked if I leave and have been given the wrong information (which is something that can happen a lot in Taiwan) which would mean a major headache.

Due to the lack of responses I guess no one has come across this problem before.


After paying the Quarantine office in Taipei a visit, I was informed that the ‘2 year rule’ is only for animals entering Taiwan.

There is no time limit for the certificate on leaving.


I have a question. if I want to take my dogs to the US do I have to get this blood exam that costs 6000NT and that has to be done 2 months before departure??


Step-by-Step Process for Exporting Cats and Dogs to Canada (Same for USA) As per the BARK website: http://www.bark-taiwan.org/en/tips-and-information/exporting-your-animals/exporting-animals-to-canada

It’s really a rather simple process to export your pet to Canada. Taiwan is considered rabies-free so there is currently no quarantine for dogs and cats entering Canada. The following guidelines apply to all of Taiwan but the office locations will differ depending on which city you live in. Here is the step-by-step:


1.Before you reserve your flight, ensure that the airline will carry animals. Some airlines do not carry animals. If your ticket is issued by Air Canada but you are flying on EVA Air then animals are NOT permitted.
2.Try to avoid flights with stopovers. If there will be a stopover, you need to know where and for how long. Some countries have quarantine for animals in transit. You will want to avoid stopovers in certain countries as the quarantine can be up to 6 months in some cases.
3.Ask if your pet can travel in the cabin of the plane or if it must be sent as extra baggage. Only animals small enough to fit under the seat in their crate will be permitted into the cabin.
4.Ask what the airline requirements are for the pet and crate such as size or weight restrictions. Most airlines have no international weight limit for pets but if you are continuing on within Canada, the combined pet and crate weight can not exceed 32kgs.
5.When you book the flight, make sure you get a confirmation number.
6.Reconfirm with the airline once or twice the week before you fly. This should be in addition to confirming with your travel agent. If the airline doesn’t have a confirmation record it’s a good idea to call the headquarters of the airline company.


1.After you have made arrangements with the airline, make sure that your pets’ last rabies vaccination was given less than 11 months prior to departure. We suggest that you get ALL vaccinations updated 35 days prior to departure. And if your pet doesn’t have a microchip, it will need to get one.
2.If your pet is 3 months old or younger, it is not required to have rabies vaccinations. IMPORTANT: If your pet does have rabies vaccinations, it must have the vaccinations at least 30 days prior to departure. (*** although the 30 day wait is not a requirement for entrance into Canada, it is a requirement to get your pet out of Taiwan – plan this carefully!)


1.On the 7th day prior to your departure, go to Bureau of Animals and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine. Kaohsiung location is 31 Haibian Road, 4th floor, #2 Application and Issuance of Animal and Plant Health Certificates.
2.Make sure to bring your passport, visitors/work visa/ARC and airline ticket, as well as the animals’ vaccination book with you to the office. It’s not necessary to bring the animal’s crate.
3.Here they will have a quick look at your pet and scan it for a microchip.
4.They sign the appropriate form called “Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine – Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, ROC – Veterinary Certificate” which you take to the airline counter. Don’t fold the papers! You must carefully proofread the papers to ensure everything is spelled correctly and dates are correct. MAKE SURE THERE ARE NO TYPOS OR YOUR PET WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO TRAVEL WITH YOU. This office has made mistakes in the past.

AT THE AIRPORT: The process at the airport is very easy.

1.Go to the airline check-in counter to check yourself in. You will then be directed to the airline information counter where you will pay the fee for your pet.
2.Return to the check-in counter to present your receipt and then you’ll be informed as to when you can check in your pet. Remember to put the quarantine tag on the pet crate.


1.Give your pet some time, a few weeks prior to departure, to get used to the crate and using the water bottle. Don’t use a water dish as the water will spill during the flight.
2.We recommend that you purchase a medium weight pet coat to keep your pet comfortably warm on its journey. Give your pet some time, a few weeks prior to departure, to get used to the sweater.
3.Also recommended is to lay down absorbent nappies (can purchase at pet stores and pharmacies) so your pet does not lay in its urine. Because there are usually different segments of flights it’s recommended that you lay down several nappies, some covered in a plastic bag, for each segment of the flight.
4.Don’t feed your pet anything for 6- 8 hours prior to departure. There are good chances that your pet will get sick if it has any food in its stomach. It’s better to let them fast for the entire flight including all segments.


1.When you arrive at the airport in Canada you will pass through customs where you show a card (given to you in the airplane) filled out with what you have to claim (tobacco, liquor, animals, etc.).
2.Next, you go to baggage claim to get your baggage and to special baggage claim to get your animal.
3.Then take the animal and the paperwork and the pets’ vaccination book to the agriculture center (someone will point you in the right direction) to get the forms checked and then you are good to go. If you are on a connecting flight ask for assistance transporting your animal to the domestic terminal.
4.If you have a long layover check with airport information about where you can walk your dog. Some airports have dog parks nearby. Allow yourself plenty of time to get your pet, soothe your pet, and get to the proper areas in the airport for your next flight.


Hi Guys

I’m leaving Taiwan in about six months so I’m trying to get the ball rolling on taking my dog with me, back to Ireland.

I was given the following list of things to do by the relevant authority in Ireland:

  1. Microchip
  2. Rabies vaccination
  3. Rabies serological blood test
  4. Six month wait after blood test
  5. Tick & tapeworm treatment, etc.

The dog had already had her rabies vaccination in January, and then was microchipped a few days ago, but then we did the rabies vaccination again in order for it to comply with steps 1 & 2 in the right order.

The confusion comes with the serological blood test - I don’t know what this is. I asked my vet and they’re unsure also, as they don’t have any experience of exporting dogs to Europe, perhaps maybe just the US. So can anyone help me with this? I thought my six month waiting period has finally begun, but then I received this:

The six calendar months is calculated from the Serum draw date of the Bloods test results. So you would be free to enter Ireland without quarantine six calendar months from the serum draw date.

Does this mean that the six month period hasn’t begun yet? Where can I get this blood test done? I need the help of anyone who can give me advice, please.
I have further questions about travel, especially with it being such a long haul flight, but I need to address this issue of the six month waiting period first, as I had even been planning to leave in July, but had to change to September for the dog, and I’m not worried I might need to change the date again. Help!


So bummed right now. I was doing my research about taking my dogs with me to Australia- I wanted to do the one year (or possibly 2 year) working holiday with them in tow, but now I’m thinking one month quarentine isn’t justifiable for only a year visit. I absolutely won’t abandon my pets.
Anybody have any thoughts on this? Is the quarentine period ever waived?
sad =( Really wanted to explore the land down under…with my dogs…


Pets essentially still live in the days of the sailing ships. If they ever make a long journey to another country, its a once in a lifetime kinda thing.

My two taiwanese persian cats were born and raised on taiwan and now buried in Napa, calif.


Hi guys, really need some help here. Trying to sort everything out in order to export my dog with me to IRELAND.

I was given the following list of things to do by the relevant authority in Ireland:

  1. Microchip
  2. Rabies vaccination
  3. Rabies serological blood test
  4. Six month wait after blood test
  5. Tick & tapeworm treatment, etc.

Has anyone got experience of doing the blood test? I have been told that this can only be done at certain labs, so the blood sample needs to be sent abroad to be tested. The six month wait period begins whenever the results are successful - but I may not be able to wait this long.

Would I need this blood test to enter the UK? The dog is chipped and got her rabies vaccination. I know other people who have exported dogs to US and this was all they were required to do. If the blood test is not necessary, I could fly into Northern Ireland in order to get around this. I am really unsure of what to do so I hope someone here can help.


I don’t know where you are based but if you are in Taipei you can go to Yang Ming in Tienmu (0228726911) for the rabies test.

It will be sent off to the EU and it’s a 6 month wait.
You will just need to take the dog, have the blood extracted and pay the fee - around 6,000NT.
You should have your result back in about a month.

Entry into the UK will need this unless you want a 6 month quarantine wait.


Those rules are probably only for the UK and Ireland … rabies free zones?


Thanks for the help guys.

Took her to Yang Ming, and everything should be fine, although it was pricey - 8000NT.

Glad I have it sorted. Thanks to Cake for the info.



Actually the six month waiting period starts from the date of the rabies vaccination if the results are successful. you should get the results back within a month.

However, i would suggest also going through a shipping company, such as porschintl.com/

If your dog has to go through Hong Kong then it’s a completely different kettle of fish and you need other documents for this. I’m not sure if animals can fly directly to Ireland or the UK, in previous cases they have had to go through Hong Kong. I also believe (but not 100% sure) that if your flight is through Thailand the UK won’t accept this.

You now have 6 months to prepare so you have time to research all the avenues. Previous people on here have done it themselves, Animals Taiwan has recently sent two dogs to the UK and we used Porsch Int with great success.

Good luck.


I want to take two dogs with me to central america, but my problem is that one is very big and heavy around 36 kg. My question is will I have to carry the dog or pick her up or something??? or do the people in the airport help you?? I’m scared because im only 1.50 and I am really not strong. so do you think this will be a problem?? I would have to change flights at LAX. another question for going to the USA my dog doesnt need the rabbies serology test right? any reccomendations would be appreciated. Thanks!!


Central american is where exactly. To fly to america you don’t usually need very much.

1st rabies vaccinate your dog, one month later, get a certificate from the national university vet hospital and inform your airline that you are taking dogs.

THe crate has to be big enough for the dog to stand up in comfortably. Getting your dog from the car into the airport you’ll have to do, once in the airport there are trollies and they airport staff will take care of the dog, however, you will have to check with your airline about weight of excess baggage.


El Salvador, but I have to go to Los Angeles first and then take another plane.