Exporting Pets out of Taiwan


You will first have to check with El Salvador to check the rules they may be different from the US.


Here is some info on importing a pet to El Salvador: pettravel.com/immigration/ElSalvador.cfm

This site is very useful for anyone traveling with a pet to almost any country: pettravel.com/passportnew.cfm


thanks for the info! and where do i have to pick my dog up?? is not in the same place as the bags right??


so I contacted the airline and i cant take the dog if she is more than 32kg. does anyone know any other options on how to take her??? I really don’t want to leave her in Taiwan, but i can’t seem to take her and i can’t stay here!!


contact this shipping company porschintl.com/
They know about things like this, basically you can’t take her as baggage, but cargo is a different matter, it will cost you more, but she should get there. Ask for a guy called Samuel

Good luck


[quote=“Ladybird”]Step-by-Step Process for Exporting Cats and Dogs to Canada (Same for USA) As per the BARK website: http://www.bark-taiwan.org/en/tips-and-information/exporting-your-animals/exporting-animals-to-canada

It’s really a rather simple process to export your pet to Canada. Taiwan is considered rabies-free so there is currently no quarantine for dogs and cats entering Canada. The following guidelines apply to all of Taiwan but the office locations will differ depending on which city you live in. Here is the step-by-step:


1.After you have made arrangements with the airline, make sure that your pets’ last rabies vaccination was given less than 11 months prior to departure. We suggest that you get ALL vaccinations updated 35 days prior to departure. And if your pet doesn’t have a microchip, it will need to get one.
2.If your pet is 3 months old or younger, it is not required to have rabies vaccinations. IMPORTANT: If your pet does have rabies vaccinations, it must have the vaccinations at least 30 days prior to departure. (*** although the 30 day wait is not a requirement for entrance into Canada, it is a requirement to get your pet out of Taiwan – plan this carefully!)


1.On the 7th day prior to your departure, go to Bureau of Animals and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine. Kaohsiung location is 31 Haibian Road, 4th floor, #2 Application and Issuance of Animal and Plant Health Certificates.
2.Make sure to bring your passport, visitors/work visa/ARC and airline ticket, as well as the animals’ vaccination book with you to the office. It’s not necessary to bring the animal’s crate.
3.Here they will have a quick look at your pet and scan it for a microchip.
4.They sign the appropriate form called “Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine – Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, ROC – Veterinary Certificate” which you take to the airline counter. Don’t fold the papers! You must carefully proofread the papers to ensure everything is spelled correctly and dates are correct. MAKE SURE THERE ARE NO TYPOS OR YOUR PET WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO TRAVEL WITH YOU. This office has made mistakes in the past.

Thanks for all the information. Just a few questions…

Why is a rabies vaccination and microchip necessary? Is the microchip also required to get the pet out of Taiwan, or is this for entrance into Canada?
Why is a rabies vaccination a requirement to get your pet out of Taiwan when Taiwan is listed as a Rabies-Free country.



Anyone with experience exporting a small dog to Canada?

The vet said that if the dog is small you can carry it with you. The airline I’ve spoken to, EVA, said they must be put in a section of cargo and no one can check on it or feed it for the entire flight, though there was some difficulty communicating in English. What are the health ramifications of not feeding a 5kg dog for such a long period of time. I will be flying from Taipei to Toronto. Any experience or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


I don’t know any airlines that fly directly to Canada that will allow you to take a dog in the cabin. There are some American airlines that will let you carry a pet in a crate that is small enough to fit under the seat in front of you.
What you heard from Eva is correct. Feed your dog about 3 hours prior to departing Taipei and he’ll be fine until you get to Vancouver. I’m assuming that you will have a layover in Vancouver? If so, feed your dog a little bit while you are there if you are not going to depart immediately.


It would be great if this information was easily accessible.
Some of the info here is out of date and there are different procedures for different countries, so it gets confusing fast.

I looked at exporting pets to the UK via Singapore and the last time I looked (a couple of months ago) the wait in Singapore is 11 hours. This is because the new Airbus doesn’t allow for pets. So you have to wait for the Boeing.
So it would be a HK option unless you want your pet(s) waiting another 11 hours in a box?


My boyfriend and I have two adult cats that we want to bring back to NY in September. Problem: we’re flying Dragonair/Cathay Pacific, with a stopover of a few hours in Hong Kong. Anyone have any advice about the HK stopover in particular?

Do we need to get a HK permit for importing pets?
Can we even see the cats during the stopover?
How far in advance must they get rabies vaccinations, if at all (I don’t think the US requires them for cats if they’re coming from TW)?
Do they need to be microchipped?

I can’t seem to find good info anywhere, aside from “HK is very strict about pets so avoid it”.


[quote]Do we need to get a HK permit for importing pets?
Can we even see the cats during the stopover?
How far in advance must they get rabies vaccinations, if at all (I don’t think the US requires them for cats if they’re coming from TW)?
Do they need to be microchipped?

I can’t seem to find good info anywhere, aside from “HK is very strict about pets so avoid it”.[/quote]

Yes, you need a permit for pets in transit for Hong Kong. See here: pettravel.com/immigration/HongKong.cfm
No, I don’t think you can see the pet in transit in Hong Kong.
As long as the rabies vaccine was given less than 6 months/ more than 30 days prior to departure, then your pet is good to go to USA and ok for transit through Hong Kong.
Yes, pets need a microchip for USA.

The procedure for importing cats and dogs to USA is the same for Canada. See a how-to guide here: bark-taiwan.org/en/tips-and- … -to-canada


This is why this whole process is frustrating and it’s a shame there isn’t an A-Z link with the process of exporting to X countries anywhere from Taiwan.
I came across this from the above link for pettravel claims:

"Hong Kong also requires a 15 digit ISO pet microchip."
Is this true or they want people to purchase them from them?

Does anyone have the HK office details so one can contact them directly?

Also does anyone know a good agent (one who won’t be extortionate) for export (with me on the flight) to the UK?


This might help you a bit: bark-taiwan.org/en/tips-and- … -to-the-uk

At the bottom of this page:

afcd.gov.hk/english/quaranti … b_idc.html

This company has been recommended by a few people. porschintl.com/
Exporting pets to the UK is a very expensive and time consuming procedure. Right now I am dog-sitting for 3 months because my friend had to go back to the UK and his dogs’ papers aren’t complete for the UK’s quarantine requirements. He hired Porsch International after he did the basic math of what it would cost for him to do everything on his own. He would save about $10,000nt which seems like a lot but it’s not when you are looking at $120,000nt to send the dog…and they take care of EVERYTHING- permits, crate, transport to the airport, etc.


^ Thanks for the response.
To anyone reading this concerns the UK.

Surely there is a cheaper option than 120K?
That will be by cargo which I remember reading is cheaper than if it travels with someone as baggage?

The link was helpful from Bark, but no mention of where he flew to in transit. What carrier he was with, if he did it by himself or with an agent?

What exactly do the agents do that cost so much?

I see here:
archive.defra.gov.uk/wildlife-pe … ir-sea.pdf
You are only allowed to travel with Cathay Pacific from Taiwan (via HK) or KLM Cargo (via Amsterdam) to London Heathrow.
I was under the impression one could also go via Singapore?

I just read that there are new rules for importing into the UK as of Jan 2012.

defra.gov.uk/news/2011/06/30 … passports/



[quote]Surely there is a cheaper option than 120K?
That will be by cargo which I remember reading is cheaper than if it travels with someone as baggage?[/quote]
The cost is based on weight. My friend’s dog weighs 26kg. If you are sending a cat, it will cost a lot less.
I remember hearing or reading a while back, that you can’t actually send a pet to the UK as extra baggage. All pets must fly cargo.

It was a while ago, but if I remember correctly, Nathan and Fiona flew with China Air. I specifically remember them telling me that they told the airline they rescued the dog in Taiwan and were bringing her home to the UK and China Air gave them a 10% discount. Perhaps the dog was on a different carrier?
They did all the paperwork themselves and I seem to remember the figure $60,000nt (Their dog was about 13kg). They left an email contact at the bottom of that link on the BARK website so that anyone who had questions could contact them.


Hello all,

I am trying to get some info purely about exporting pets.

I have all the information and forms about the destination, and I am getting that ball rolling this week.

What precisely is required by the Taiwan gov’t for taking your pet permanently off the island.

Our 2 dogs came in to Taiwan via Tokyo about 4 years ago. Their origin is the USA, Hawaii.

Thank you


Fyi, I took my two taiwanese cats from taiwan to San Francisco on a non stop EVA airways flight. EVA air was very helpful in letting us know what paperwork and what needs to be done in order for this to happen. Everything went very smoothly.

We needed regulation sized cages for each cat (bought them at a pet store for bout 250nt each) and it needs to have a water bottle attached so the pet can have water (150nt each). We needed to see a vet (from a list provided of vets qualified for this purpose) and there were certain requirements about getting certain shots and a time frame where the cats could be exported no earlier then and no later then. These shots costs bout 2000nt per cat. Then a trip to Keelung Harbour , to a certain govt office of quarantine to let the Govt Vet inspect both animals. He looked at the document provided by the other vet regarding the shots given and when and stamped his approval after examining both cats. The repeated the time frame where the cats could leave. … no sooner then…no later then.

I then booked a flight with EVA within the allotted time frame and they notified US Customs via telex of intention to transport 2 live animals.

On the day of the flight i brought both animals to the check in counter at EVA air. And they summoned a TAiwan customs official who looked carefully at all the documents and then when it was all in order, as expected to be, he took both cats from us. I didnt see them again until i was paged at SFO by US customs who went to the plane and retrieved both cats from the jet .

The cats were transported in a special section of the EVA 747 that is temperature controlled and pressurized. However there was no access possible during flight. So need to make sure your pets are secure in their cages and have water to drink for the ten hour flight (to SFO).

I was worried for my cats while on the plane but on arrival I was promptly paged and (because my persian cats were extra cute) there was a group of US customs officers around the cats when I got there at Immigration.

They even opened a separate gate for me to pass through so I wouldnt have to spend a long time in the long line for us !!

And it was straight home. The cats were relaxed and took to their new home immediately. NOt seeming to have been stressed by the flight.

Dont know if things have changed but that was how I did it in 99.

EVA charged 6000nt per cat for the transport. And the shots and cages , etc cost me another 3000nt so it was 9000nt per cat total expense. NOT BAD at all.

No quarantine required in the USA for Taiwan exported cats (or dogs).


ok this is the process for someone who needsto find a passenger and it says canada, but it’s the same for the US.

Exporting animals from Taiwan to Canada/US

  1. One month before they are to fly you must have them chipped and vaccinated against rabies. You will be given a certificate with the chip details (registered to the owner in Taiwan) and a yellow book with the rabies vaccination details. This in Taipei city is $200 rabies $250 chip

  2. Confirm with airline that animals can fly with a passenger, China Airlines and EVA air are both confirmed to be ok. However you need to call in advance to let them know.

  3. Buy a crate. Must be a solid crate, not cage. Animals must be able to stand up and move around. With certain airlines some animals can travel in one crate, please check their websites for details. Make sure you also buy animal pee pads and a water bottle. Depending on size crates can cost anywhere between $1000 - 9000

  4. Within 7 days before your flight you need to go to the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and quarantine Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan (in Taipei it is located on Roosevelt Road, Sec 4, Lane 113, No 19. Tel: 02-27387868) for the Veterinary Certificate for Export of Live animals. You will need to bring with you the Pet passports to show their vaccinations, the Rabies certificate, the Chip certificate, your passport/ID, a copy of the person who is flying the animal’s passport and flight itinerary. The Bureau weight and check for chips and then will give you the Export certificate and a copy of it. Keep these unfolded.

  5. Arrive at the airport 3 hours before flight. Go to the Quarantine for live animals office usually on the first floor (in terminal 2 anyway). They will ask you to fill out a form of address of destination, flight no, passenger info, animals breed, color and weight.

  6. Check in. Make sure the crate is secure and the water bottle is secure (it’s a good idea to have extra ties for this). Pay the excess baggage fee. Your animal is on its way.

  7. When arriving in Canada / US
    a) on the plane you are given a Canada customs declaration card. On it, check the box declaring meat, poultry, fruit, veggies, animals, etc.
    b) go through customs as normal and go to get your bags.
    c) when you pick up your luggage, all over-sized luggage is available separate from the regular luggage. There is a repeating message telling passengers where they can pick up over-sized luggage.
    d) Now you have your luggage and your animals. Go to the exit and give the customs officials your declaration card. Because you have animals, they will direct you to the baggage inspection area.
    e) If everything is ok, they’ll ask some questions, check your papers, etc. You pay the fee (the fee can be between CAD$10-30 per dog’not sure about the US) and you are free to go. You don’t need to fill out any paperwork.


For those wanting to ship animals to the UK, it may be worth waiting until January; the laws have changed to fall in line with other EU countries, and that means far less hassle and expense: defra.gov.uk/wildlife-pets/pets/travel/


[strike]This thread needed a resurrection…

After weeks, I finally got ahold of someone from my airlines who can help me “reserve” my dog. Initially I was told to get a certificate of health (with some kind of number) before I can reserve. I went to my vet and asked about this (she showed me a Vaccination Certificate), went to another vet to confirm, called another in another county, and then finally called back the rep (twice) because it seemed none of those vets seemed to have what I needed to get.

I called again and got an email detailing what I already know I’m suppose to get
-Vaccination Cert. from my vet within 10 days before my flight,
-Vet. Cert. from BAPHIQ no more than 7 days before my flight
but the thing is, the rep from my airline told me to gather those documents BEFORE I can reserve my flight. :s So if I gather those things now, I have to gather them again when the time comes for me to actually fly (?). I was told the airlines would help me get the transit/special permit for HK.[/strike]Resolved.

I’ve also checked the importation requirements for the US (rabies shot ok) and saw that imported dogs also need to be clear from screwworm (my vet doesn’t know about the worm). I called the USDA, then CDC, CDC Quarantine & CDC Vet at my would-be port of entry and no one was able to confirm this.
Refer to:
aphis.usda.gov/import_export … pets.shtml
(#3) petrelocation.com/pet-reloca … quirements
(second paragraph) help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail … 6/search/1

So now I’m stuck in a rut because I’ve bothered so many people from my airlines but at the same time, it doesn’t make sense because reservations are suppose to be made before these certs should be issued. :aiyo: I could take a risk with the screwwrom issue but that could mean quarantine… Flying is nerve-wrecking but this whole process is driving me up the wall (and I still haven’t been quoted for how much it would be by my airlines)!