Exporting Pets out of Taiwan


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I will take two pet cats to the US in May. My problem is I am not a resident (yet), however I will obtain a residency visa later. Is that a problem? Or can I basically just be the “courier” and take the pet to someone else’s home? Anybody know anything or know where to ask?

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I really don’t think they care who brings a pet into the US! I’ve read the whole pamphlet, and it doesn’t say anything about being a citizen or a resident or anything. I’m pretty sure you won’t have a problem!


So, as promised, here are some photos of Naicha in Port Perry, Ontario, Canada, with her new owner Celine (with glasses). She gets to go to the office everyday and lie around on nice carpeting in between all the staff taking her for walks on their breaks. Lucky dog!! We miss her but it looks like she’s in good hands, and has nice open places and fresh air to play!


Looks great! Before you know it, she’ll be office supervisor, for sure.

Great job, ktz. :notworthy: :slight_smile: :bravo:


I don’t know if anyone in this thread mentioned this (I couldn’t see it), but here is the website for the Animal Health inspection department. They have an English section that has the addresses for all the other offices in Taiwan (Gaoxiong, Taizhong, Jilong, Xinzhu):

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Thank you SO MUCH for that link! I’ve been looking for it for months!
One thing, though, it needs the “www” in front of it.



My wife just called the number listed above in the thread, and asked for their website address. :blush: :astonished: :s

Also, I just got off the phone with China Airlines. The guy there was very nice, and said as long as the cats aren’t hugely fat and their travel case isn’t too large, it’s approximately $3000 NT to Vancouver. He said once we have bought our tickets to call China Air and make an appointment to meet with the person in charge of pets, for the same day that we’re flying out. We only need to bring our cats and their health certificate(s).

Cathay Pacific wouldn’t deal with us directly, and sent us to an agent. The cost is approx. $500/kg of cat+container. The agent will charge $5000 as his fee. Thus, two cats even of average weight quickly jump to $15000 - 18000. No thanks. :noway:

Also, Cathay requires a re-route through Hong Kong, and we can’t travel with the cats - they travel via a cargo plane.

So, it’s China Air for us!


I talked to China Airlines, too, and they told me that they do not allow you to take pets as carry-on “luggage.” They have to go as checked luggage in the heated/climate controlled cargo hold.

So, we’re going to take United. They charge $3080 per cat when flying to Seattle (it varies by destination). The container needs to be small enough to fit under the seat. They gave me the dimensions, but I don’t have them here.

EVA charges over $6000 per cat, whether they are carried on or checked as luggage. Eva was also very serious about their weight restrictions: No more than 5Kg for the animal IN ITS CAGE if you want to take it as a carry-on. My cats are more than that without the box!



We briefly considered taking our cats on as carry-on luggage. For about a second, before we burst out laughing. If you hate crying babies on your flight, you would HATE our cats! One of them in particular is such a terrible yowler that I have a squirt bottle beside my bed to shoot her with water so I can get some sleep.


Same here. I never seriously considered taking Tuesday as carry-on. She tends to loudly voice her complaints and would definitely have driven everybody crazy . The rides to and from the airport were bad enough. Plus, I heard several times that it would probably be less stressful for her to be left alone and undisturbed in the dark and fairly quiet freight compartment than putting her under the stress of having passengers and flight attendants moving around.



I want to take my dog back to UK, i know this is a bloody complicated business and have read up on the rules. Does anybody know a vet in the Taipei area that has done this before, as my vet doesn’t seem to know much about it
thanks, nic


YangMing Veterinary Partners

Tienmu East Road

02 2872 6911


There is some infomation when I had my friends to take one of the deaf cat back to the Sates for me. Hopefully this would help any of you to bring your pets home.

All Airlines require the info when you book the ticket with you pet:
A)the name of your pet
C)pet cage’s size (w/L/H) in inches and cm

*Singapore Air doesn’t not allow dogs and cats travel at the same time, please do double check with the ticketing when you book the ticket. Also, pets have to stay in the cargo when travel with Singapore Air. Singarpore Air consider a cat and its cage as in two seperate luggage, therefore they charge about 6000 to 7000NTD to North America.

*For a cat (less then 5kg) it’s free to travel with China Air from Taipei to Vancouver. (up till now, might change in the fufure) China Air consider a cat and its cage as in two seperate luggage, so it’s about 6000 to 7000 NTD to the States. The cat can be on board as carry-on or stays in the cargo.

*Eva Air consider the cat and its cage as one peice of luggage. So Eva charges about 3600NTD to North America, west coast. But if your cat is more then 5kg, the cat and its cage have to stay at the Cargo.

*United Air is same as Singarpore Air.

Please do inform your air line a month before you fly. The commerical Air Lines only allow certain # of pets on board.

Hopfully this will help any of you when you take your pet back to you home country.


Just curious…does anyone know what’s the case for rabbits? Has anyone tried bringing their bunnies back home? Do they also require the vet cerification etc? Do the airlines charge by “weight”? Just doing some homework for my beloved bunnies… :stuck_out_tongue:


Rabbits need different blood tests reports depending on where you come fome and what is country require. Also, rabbits don’t need the injection certificate but need to issue a healthy certificate. My firend is taking her rabbits home this Aug to Canada, once I know how to do it, I will post the info here. For the air line charges is same as the cats.


Just wanted to correct a post a few posts above me. China airlines charges the pet and carrier as a single piece and the fee is 3136 nt (so long as the weight is under 32 kg pet and crate together). EVA charges as two pieces (same weight limits I believe) and the cost is between 6300 nt and 6400 nt. When I booked my flight earlier this week someone at CAL told me pets are no longer allowed to fly on the same plane (in pet cargo hold) and had to go seperately (and more expensively) by cargo plane. I told her I’d already spoken with numerous people at CAL and that I was told pets on the same plane was fine. She spoke with her supervisor and everything was cleared up and my cat and dog are good to go. Total fee 6272 nt for Kaohsiung to Vancouver flight. Please dear God don’t let there be a problem at the airport!
PS Thanks for the carrier info though. It took me forever to get real quotes and info!


For those South Africans who have pets (or those who are thinking about adopting pets), you might find the following link helpful. It deals with the Importation Procedures for SA.



Where is home? If it’s the USA, Stray Dog just found this for me:
US Customs Q&A site

(I know rabbits aren’t rodents, but some Customs inspector might not understand that.)

You still have to go through the export process for Taiwan, including the vet exam and the paperwork from the quarantine office.

EVA allows them in-cabin in an underseat container. EVA’s website is very clear about this. The 5kg weight limit for in-cabin probably applies, so if your cage plus rabbit weighs more, it’ll go in the hold (or if you’re traveling with someone else, you could probably each take one in separate carryon containers).

I’m feeling rather pro-EVA right now because they are the only airline I have contacted which was not a royal pain in the ass about pets and specifically rabbits. Three other airlines ran me around in circles for a week or two each before eventually letting me know that they either don’t take pets or refuse to accept rabbits specifically. EVA, on the other paw, has been a ray of sunshine, clearly stating on their website that they think rabbits are wonderful little creatures who deserve to be allowed to travel in the cabin in comfort and with in-flight beverage service. I think everyone should fly EVA from now on.

EVA Air pet FAQ


Passengers traveling with checked/unchecked pets are required to contact EVA Reservations before the departure date. If you plan to travel with your pet, you will be responsible for providing valid health and vaccination certificates in addition to other documents that may be required by countries of departure, transit or entry. Airport personnel reserve the right to reject carriage of your pet if arrangements do not comply with EVA’s transportation standards, including health and safety of the animal. The accompanied pets, such as dogs, cats and rabbits may be transported on EVA aircraft either as unchecked baggage in the cabin or checked baggage in the load compartment.

EVA has suspended the transportation of live birds as checked and unchecked baggage.

Pets As Unchecked Baggage in the Passenger Cabin:

Pets can be accepted only in Economy and Evergreen Deluxe Class. The total weight of the pet and kennel cannot exceed 5 kg/11 lb. Onboard the aircraft, you will be required to keep the pet inside a crate, kennel or container which is varied with aircraft type. Please contact EVA Reservations for more details. Kennel or container is recommended to be made of rigid plastics material which can provide a strong packing during the carriage. Please refer to Pets As Checked Baggage.
Your pet and its container must safely fit under the seat in front of you.
A bird in its cage must be covered with a cloth. You cannot feed your pet inside the aircraft cabin but can give it water. Your pet must remain in its container/crate/kennel throughout the flight.
A properly harnessed seeing-eye/hearing-aid dog accompanying a vision or hearing impaired passenger can be transported in the passenger cabin. These special needs dogs will be admitted without being caged without weight or size limitations, and will be required to lay on the floor next to a cabin wall without occupying a seat.

Pets As Checked Baggage:

Pets can be accepted for carriage by air only if they are being transported in containers that must be:
Leak, escape and claw-proof.
Constructed so that there is no risk of your animal escaping, injuring itself or causing damage to other items in the aircraft.
Designed for air transportation, including handling and care, e.g., feeding, watering, cleaning, etc., ensuring that the animal is comfortable without risk of it injuring or causing discomfort to personnel responsible for its safe transit.
Have functioning ventilation openings on more than one side. Easily recognizable as an animal container. Have moisture-absorbing material covering the bottom or floor.
Kennel or container is recommended to be made of rigid plastics material which can provide a strong packing during the carriage.
Height: Height of the animal in standing position, without touching the roof of the cage.
Length: From nose to root of the tail, plus half height from ground to elbow-joint.
Width: Twice that of the animal across the shoulder blades.
Click this link to see the International Air Transport Association (IATA) standard container.
The container must be large enough to allow your animal to stand upright or lie down comfortably.
A sufficient supply of food and water with appropriate feeding receptacles must be securely attached to the container along with easily understood feeding instructions.
The compartment in which your pet will be carried will have the same pressure and temperature as the passenger cabin, and lights will be turned on.
There is no restriction on weight for pets transported as checked baggage with the exception of structural limitations on some aircraft. For details, please contact EVA Air. No more than two adult animals of comparable size, weighing as much as 14 kg/31 lb. each, can be shipped in the same kennel. For their safety and comfort, animals that weigh more than that must travel individually. A maximum of three animals that are less than six months old and from the same litter can be shipped in the same cage.

Your pet(s) and their kennel or container, as either checked or unchecked baggage, will be charged as excess baggage and excluded from your free baggage allowance. Seeing-eye/hearing-aid dogs will be carried free of charge without weight limits when they accompany passengers who depend upon these animals.
Weight system: Normal excess baggage charges apply.
Piece system: An accompanied pet that meets all requirements will be charged as TWO units of excess baggage. If one pet is heavier than 32 kg/70 lbs., an additional THREE-piece charge will be collected for weight between 32~45 kg/70~99 lb. For pets weighing more than 45 kg/99 lb., an additional ONE-piece charge will be collected for every 10 kg/22 lb. over 45 kg/99 lb. [/quote]


AnimalsTaiwan is pleased to advise that we now stock internationally recognized ISO microchips.

If you are taking your furry companion abroad, particlularly to Europe and the UK, you need this chip. Your vet will be able to insert the chip and fill out the paperwork for you.

We will be carrying them at all our events, or you can PM me for postal delivery.

Now it’s even easier to take your pet with you when you go. :slight_smile: