Exporting Pets out of Taiwan


I’m moving back to the States this summer, and want to be clear on a few things with transporting my cats …

  1. Does anyone have a definitive answer on the chip implants for cats going into the US? If they need them, which kind of chip?

  2. Can two cats be put in one carrier? Also, where can I buy those kinds of carriers?

  3. Is there any way to ship them back to the States other than taking them with me and putting them on the plane? It’s gonna be kinda hard to drag all my bags, plus two to three cat carriers all by my lonesome …


hi there,

From what I understand and I’ve taken two cats back to the States already. All cats that are going to North America required chips. It doesn’t matter what kind as long as there is a mirco chip # on the paper. As for the carriers you should ask your airline first. There are two different size for you to pick.

I bought my carriers at a pet mall called Polo and it has branches all over Taiwan. There is a brand called Ferplant model # ATLAS10 or you can chech on www.perlant.com
Hope this will help you.


I just took my cats back to the USA last week and they do NOT need a chip. THis is just misinformation on the part of Taiwan vets. We checked witth the govt organisation and the pet export dept at the airport and found out that you dont need a chip for cats. Our cats were inspected at Taiwans airport and we told them no chip. USA does not require a chip.

China air charges 1/2 price that EVA charges for cats travelling in checked luggage area.


Do the cats need to have rabies shots to get into the US?

Also, will the airline allow three cats? Or is two the maximum? Someone mentioned that … and that would not be a good thing … they can’t be separated, or they’d go nuts …

And … does anyone know of any “government-approved” vets in either Zhonghe, Yonghe, or Banqiao that can do the health check? I’m not sure if my vet is one of the officially listed ones, and don’t really want to take the chance … I at least need a back up …


The cats definitely need rabies shots to get into the US. Dont know the answers to your other questions.


has anyone taken dogs back to South Africa? I just got off the phone with the girl from Crown and they suggest we use Royal Dutch Airline who flies to JHB via Amsterdam?? Not to keen to let my dogs travel for 3 days so we are looking for a better route. She said that if you fly with Cathay you’ll need an import permit for HKG and this is apparently a lot of hassle.

There’s got to be an easier way??? :help:


Skywalker, the other major route to SA from here is via Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur). Have you looked into that?

By the way, who out there knows ANYTHING about getting pets from Taiwan into South Africa? The only information on this site seems to be related to North America/UK? :help:


Have you tried Joseph Tsai, the pet shipper guy? 0910 136 016

Good luck!


we have contacted the people at www.globalpaws.co.za. They are quite helpful and gave us acurate info about taking pets back to SA. They also work with some agents and cargo companies that are based in Taiwan


Thanks skywalker. If they give you anything more specific, please post it on this site as I’m sure there are quite a few South Africans who will at some stage wish to take their pets back home. Thanks!


Cats and dogs entering South Africa must now have a microchip implant.

Also: All pets entering South Africa MUST arrive as booked Manifest Cargo.

This, and more important information from globalpaws.co.za


Hi! I noticed in the information on EVA’s website (and posted above) that they will allow TWO cats in ONE carrier in cargo, as long as neither of the cats weighs more than 14Kg (that would be a huge cat!).

Has anyone actually done this when going to the US? I know that within the US and on US carriers you CAN’T have two adult animals togeter, but since this is Taiwan, it law might be different. However, I don’t want to get to the airport and have them say “Oh, you can’t do that”.

I have called the reservations line, and they “confirmed” that two adult animals can go together, however, it was obvious that the guy was reading from the same information I was reading.

Thanks for your advice!


My current vet has told me that he can do the health check for my three cats, and that I then have to take the forms to the government bureau (this I already know) … however, I read earlier that not all vets are actually “government-approved” to do the health checks, so how do I find out if my vet is, or if I need to go to another vet?

Also, he didn’t say anything about microchips … only getting the rabies vaccine. Does anyone know the requirements for CATS being taken from Taiwan to the US regarding whether or not they need to have microchips implanted?

By the way, the microchip would need to be implanted BEFORE the rabies shot, is that correct?

Thanks in advance!



I’m just wondering if there’s an order that I need to do all these shots and chips? Can I get my dog chipped and vaccinated at the same time? Also, will my dog, going back to the US, get her blood tested by the government office in charge of exporting pets, or do I have to do this through my own vet? Thanks.


Just wanted to let you guys know. My two cats arrived just fine in Chicago. Everything was really like a piece of cake. They cats were of course very upset, but in good condition and Japanese Airlines even filled up their water. They charged me around 14.000 for both cats.
The exporting as well as the importing part was really smooth. I just followed the steps mentioned in this topic before. The doctor in Mucha, in Xinglong Road Sec.4 (also mentioned before) was also very helpful and with his certificate all was really easy.
So don’t worry too much, just get the papers as mentioned and you and your furry friend will be fine!



Our recent trip home with our kitties was also relatively uneventful. We got the shots a month ahead of time, then went back to the vet 10 days prior for another form, which we took to the office just off Jilong Road. The guy there looked quickly over the cats (two, which we put in one container), and gave us another form.

When we got to the China Airlines check-in counter, she just checked them through with no hassles. I had to pay NT$3,000+ total, so it was quite cheap. In Canada we claimed them on our card, paid $37 CDN processing fee and we were off!

China Airlines also allows two cats in one container, though the girl I spoke to on the phone initially tried to talk me out of it. It seems that someone had tried that at one point and when they got to their destination there was fur and blood everywhere. I guess the cats got a little stressed out during the flight and took it out on each other.

30kg is the max for one container with China Air.


I just got the “official” form from my vet, documenting all of the vaccinations, microchip #, weight, color, breed, etc., etc. … but, I don’t leave until July 7th. I know you have to go to the government office within a week of your departure, but what about the health certificate? I asked the vet, and he said that it was fine, but I want to make sure … anyone have any info on this? Does it need to be 10 days prior to taking them to the government place like Fearsome Orange said?


I plan to take my mutt to Hong Kong with me when I move. I am told by Cathay and China Airlines that all animals imported into Hong Kong must travel on a cargo plane, and cannot travel on the passenger plane. Does anyone have any experience with this? :astonished:


Hi geotpe,

I have little experience with taking animals to HK but what I do know is that it is preferable to NOT even go near HK if travelling anywhere with an animal. I wouldn’t be surprised if the info you got is correct. I heard that the quarantine is mandatory even if you only have a stop over in HK.

Hopefully someone knows better and they can help you out.

This said, I don’t think it’s impossible. I suggest contacting animal travel agencies as they will have all the info regarding taking a pet to HK. In any case, hats off to you for taking your mutt with you. It may seem quite daunting right now but I bet once it’s done with, you won’t look back.

Good luck!



Actually, he doesn’t have to stay in quarantine at all if the paperwork is in order. But the strict rules regarding import (i.e. cargo plane) mean that I have no choice but to deal with a pet shipper/cargo company on this side and a receiving company in Hong Kong. At this stage it looks like the total cost will probably be around… NT30,000. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: