Exporting snacks and coffee to Taiwan

Hi is there any regulations about exporting coffee and snacks to Taiwan?
Hows the procedure?
Do you need to file documents for the ministry of food or whatever?

Export regulations depend on where you are based. But there are regulations regarding imports here in Taiwan.

Thereโ€™s currently no Ministry of Food or Whatever. Hereโ€™s a list of ministries and other government agencies.


Yes , there are regulations

Imports and Exports products have a HS code , the Harmonized System is a standardized numerical method of classifying traded products . It is used by customs authorities around the world to identify products when assessing duties and taxes and for gathering statistics (Taiwan is called CCC code-็จ…ๅ‰‡่™Ÿๅˆฅ)

In Taiwan you can search the products on the following website (GC411)็จ…ๅ‰‡็จ…็Ž‡็ถœๅˆๆŸฅ่ฉขไฝœๆฅญ

For example Coffee (HS Code: 09011100) has the following requirements:

About the Snacks , you need to be more specific about what kind of snacks do you want to export to Taiwan

Import inspection
Quarantine for Plants and Plant Products


May I DM you to ask a little bit

If they are all prepackaged, you wonโ€™t have any issues. Just send it. Worst case, customs takes a few items out to destroy them.

They can not be โ€˜ediblesโ€™.