Extending a landing visa due to hospitalization

As the title says. Anyone done it or know if it is possible? If you cannot fly out can you go to Foreign Affairs and get some kind of extension? If so, for how long?

Any help would be appreciated.


I was in Taiwan on a 30 days visa-exempt entry (no visa, just a 30 days stamp in my passport) which is not changeable or extendable, but I came down with an inner ear problem due to having chickenpox 6 month before. I had no balance, couldn’t walk, couldn’t see very well, had vertigo pretty bad and a bad case of nausea. Went to the hospital and had some tests and got a diagnosis. My wife got a certificate from the doctor saying I could not travel (as my 30 days was going to be up in a couple more days) and filled out the form from immigration, with some passport sized photos and my passport and gave it to the people at the BOCA office.
A week later my passport came back in the post with a VISITORS visa stuck in it for 60 days NON-EXTENDABLE, valid from the date of entry to Taiwan (my original entry date on my visa exempt entry). That effectively gave me an additional 30 days to recover.

patsun- Thanks for the info. Gives me hope! When was this BTW?

The Dr. told me earlier I shouldn’t fly for at least another month. Suppose the BOCA could tell me to get on a boat! haha

It was very recent, the extra 30 days they gave me ran out on the 11th March (9 days ago).
If you explain to the doctor your visa requirement to leave the country immediately, unless you can provide a doctor’s medical certificate stating that you are not fit to travel right now, then maybe things will be ok.
When my wife put the application in for extending my visa exempt 30 days entry, the clerk on the desk said she couldn’t say anything as she would just be sending the application on to the people who would decide, but I should hear back in a week or so. That meant that if I heard back ‘No’ then I would have been an overstayer as there was only 2 days left on my stay when she applied.
Regardless I was in no state to travel, so I had no choice. Luckily my passport came back in the post with a visitor visa for 60 days.

ok, cool. Thanks again. I will post with the outcome. If yours was that recent I should be alright plus the Dr. said she will give me something in writing to say I cannot fly.

I got an official medical certificate from the hospital with the doctors comments and seal/stamp on it, thats what the BOCA staff told me wife she needed to get from the doctor.

I went to MOFA today with a stamped certificate from the hospital. Had to supply 2 photos and 2,400 NT and fill out a form. They said will take 3 working days and I will have another 30 day visa.

Thanks for your info patsun.


Got my extended visa back today. I think they are now lovin’ the British passort! They gave me a 180 day visa!