Extending an ARC in COVID times (2022 edition)

Howdy y’all!

I’m currently on my second 6-month ARC extension after leaving my job teaching English. My ARC is set to expire in February and due to COVID regulations, I know that leaving and coming back isn’t as option, yet I want more time here!

I know many foreigners that entered Taiwan before March 20th have gotten…I don’t know, I think 18 automatic 30 day visa extensions but for ARC holders, there’s no automatic 30 day extensions.

I’m curious what my options are. Getting a job is one but I now work for a company online & don’t want to leave it just for a work based ARC.

I thought about attending Chinese classes but am not sure if that’s an option as my prior ARC was work based.

Anyways, I’m curious if anyone have any ideas or experiences here! Thank you!

You’ll lose the time you put in towards your APRC. Not a good option.

Do you have access to $500000 or about $15000 US?

I’m curious (for anyone who knows): A work-based ARC is not possible without a work permit, right? But according to the above I guess a work permit cannot be issued for online work? However, from what I’ve been reading on this forum, online work done is Taiwan is taxable in Taiwan. If I’m understanding all of this correctly then, folks in this situation must pay income tax to Taiwan but can’t use that income for residence purposes? That doesn’t seem fair to me at all.

To the OP, I hope you can figure out a way to get that ARC if you really want to stay. How long do you have until you’re eligible for an APRC? Once you get that you’re golden.

Hahaha good points here.

So yeah…my ARC is currently under “other” as it’s my two 6 month extensions.

And yes I will have to pay taxes and then just leave I guess? No idea…

As for an APRC, I’m not too concerned. I only want to be able to stay here and extra few months.

And as far the as money, I’m close to having that.

And one more question, how far along are you to your APRC? I promise this is important relevant to my suggestion.

I’m three years away I think. My ARC is coming up on two years

Well… You could start a limited company. When three years rolls around, you’ll get an APRC and then you can close the company.

Just issue receipts to the company that already buys your services. BAM! Instant CEO.

I’m going to follow this thread. My contract ends in Feb (ARC March) and they haven’t made me re-sign (lolol). So idk what I will need to do and if they give a new contract soon who knows if I can even get the health check since the COVID cases BS.

I thought the three year rule was only for gold card holders and five for everyone else

Changing jobs, even when starting a business, does not reset your counter.

So if you are over two years into an ARC, you can open a business and essentially avoid the $3 million in gross sales requirement for renewing your work permit cause you’ll be eligible for the APRC and its open work permit.

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