Extending ARC (student)

I’ve had an ARC since last year based on study at one of the university language programmes. Now I’ve got a job offer but getting hassled because the firm want all kinds of stuff before they will apply to the appropriate ministry for a work permit. Maybe they don’t want me after all? But that’s another story!

Time is not on my side because I need to go to Europe for two weeks and return JUST before my ARC expires. So I’m thinking of switching to another (cheaper) school and studying further until everything becomes clear.

So I’ve three questions I’d really appreciate help with. Maybe someone has experience. The questions are:

1 - For those who already have an ARC based on study, is it possible to switch to a non-university programme (specifically Taipei Language Institute) and extend the ARC based on ten hours a week of study there?

2 - Moving to a new school while already in Taiwan do you need to go through all the health checks again? What about providing proof of money in the bank? (The NPA website just says that you need a certificate of enrolment and NT$1000!)

3 - I return on a Friday evening. My ARC expires on Saturday. If I go to the Foreign Affairs Police on Monday to renew will that be okay? (I read somewhere that if the renewal date is a non-working day you can do it the next day without penalty.)

If anybody has experience of these matters it would put my mind at rest to hear it!