Extending stay after ARC expired


I know there are already some topics about this issue but they are a bit outdated and maybe the regulations have changed in the meantime.

I am about to quit my job on the 24th of August and I have an ARC with validity to the 4th of September. HR at my company told me that the ARC will be terminated on the 24th of August since that is my resignation date and that afterwards I will have 10 days to leave Taiwan.

I’ve read somewhere else on the forum that in fact that period was 15 days and that you can go the Immigration Office to get an extension beyond that, is that true?

Does anyone have any updated information about this?

Thank you!

You can get an extension for up to 6 months at least using the excuse that you are looking for a job. Get an extension for as long as you need.

One more time:
The date printed on your ARC is for reference only. As soon as your reason for being here -work, study, family, etc- is eliminated, your ARC becomes invalid.
It doesn’t matter if it is 10 days or 15, you can ask for an extension anytime you need. The important thing is to do that BEFORE your ARC expires.

At least your job had the courtesy to inform you. They are in no way compelled by law to do so. Now, with this very valuable piece of information, go to NIA and ask for an extension after that date. Should be easy as pie.

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You need the certificate of employment 离职证明 showing your final day of employment. As Icon says, be upfront with the NIA and state you intend to look for a new job.

Your HR needs to brush up on the law. The ARC doesn’t “terminate” as you leave the office on Aug. 24. If you get the 离职证明 when you leave on the 24th then just rock up to NIA on the Monday.

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You need to write a letter to immigration saying why you need to extend your ARC.

“you really like Taiwan and want to look for another job blah blah”


The certificate of employment the_bear mentioned

Old ARC which they will keep.


Fill out the form to extend your ARC.

I think that is about it.

I’ve never had to write a letter but maybe it’s a new thing. We used to do it years ago I remember. They’ll just hand you a piece of paper and you write “I love bubble milk tea and stinky tofu”. :sunglasses:


Thank you very much for your help everyone!

I will go to the NIA and check exactly what’s the tolerance period after the resignation date and if it doesn’t suffice apply for the aforementioned extension.

Yeah it’s not trouble at all changing jobs/getting an ARC extension. Your employers are just being sly and trying to scare you because you left them in the lurch. Get the certificate of employment asap. Did you give them 30 days resignation notice? If so, you have followed the rules and can go down to immigration with cert of employment and say you want an extension. Hey ho, it’s done.

Well, I don’t think there’s anything they can do, they’re just following the regulations, right?

Eh or their “understanding” of the regulations…

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The period might depend on whether you break the contract (quit the job), or you complete the contract.

Well, I have a two year contract but when I joined the company they actually only applied for the one-year ARC for me.

So what do you want to do? Do you want to stay and look for another job? Or do you want just to relax and wrap up your stuff before leaving?

I already have another job lined up but I’m still not sure when I’ll fly out of Taiwan, I think 15 days after the last working day would be perfectly enough to take care of pending issues but the HR at work told me I would only have 10 days worth of tolerance (which I guess include weekends too) and I feel that’s cutting it a bit short.

Why are you flying out of Taiwan? On vacation? Or is your new job abroad?

As said, you will have no problems asking for an extension. Just drop by NIA, won’t take long, and it will give you a lot of peace of mind. And freedom to do whatever you please.

Once again: do not wait until the ARC “expires”. You can apply anytime for an extention, just make sure you do not overstay under no circunstances. If you fear cutting it too close, then simply avoid that. Go get an extention. That simple.

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Yes, the new job will be abroad.
I contacted HR about it and they told me they could only issue the resignation certificate after the last working day.
I mentioned exactly what you said, that they should give it to me straight away because I need to apply for the extension before the expiration of my current ARC.
They replied that they will check if that’s so.
I think I will need to be proactive and ask NIA to send me the actual regulation and send it to HR.

I already told you. They give you the certificate on your last day. You take it to NIA on the next working day, or the next couple of days, no one cares. There is no problem here. You don’t suddenly become overstayed in the space of one hour.

This is all absolutely SOP, you sign a couple of forms, hand over the red swingline stapler, they give you the certificate and escort you off the premises.

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Oops, you did say so, sorry, I just re-read your post. Yeah, I think there should be no problem!

You don’t need to keep old ARC with them. If we request them that we need it for bank transaction, airport immigration, then they let us keep it. Need to return it when we go in person to take new ARC.

Also the fees is now zero instead of NT 1000

Another way is to ask the HR to keep last working day a few days before resignation / contract end date. Then you can get the employment certificate early and go to NIA.

Woah, arc extension is free now. That is awesome!

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