Extending visa-exempt stay in Taiwan (Canadian)

Hi, I’m a Canadian living in Taiwan. I extended my visa-exempt stay for another 90 days in December, 2019. I left Taiwan in mid-January 2020 and returned a couple weeks later. My 90-day visa-exempt stay will expire in late April.

I usually do a visa run to Hong Kong… but with the coronavirus situation, I don’t think that’s a good (or even do-able) idea. My question is, can I extend my visa-exempt stay for another 90 days? They approved my extension in December 2019 and I wonder if they’ll approve it again so soon. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Many years ago I did some visitor visa extensions and one day they asked me to show them a tax filing. But since I din’t work here it was kind of strange, I had to go to the tax office to file, but the lady there told me that I couldn’t write down zero income. We had a really long discussion until she gave up.

Therefor, as the rule is now that foreigners staying more than 90 days in Taiwan on a taxable year need to file I would prepare for that.

I’ve extended my visa-exempt stay a few times in the past few years, but never so frequently… maybe once a year or so. I was never asked to file a tax return as I don’t work in Taiwan (I’m retired).

That doesn’t matter, anyone that stays in Taiwan over 90 days, used to be 183 days.

I’m going for 90 day extension next week let you know how I get on. I’m UK.

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Thanks. When was the last time you apply for an extension? I got my last one in December 2019, which was very straightforward. I’m just worried that they won’t let me do another extension so soon (4 months after my last one).

Just look it up at here “For an individual who stays in the R.O.C. over 90 days but less than 183 days within a taxable year, individual income tax shall be declared and computed according to the withholding rate (see Article 15) on his/her income derived from sources in the R.O.C., including the remunerations derived from abroad for his/her services rendered in the R.O.C.”

If non than you’re fine, as I was back then. But they want to know.

Thanks for the info. I’ve lived in Taiwan for about 7 years and so far I haven’t been asked to file a tax return. I usually do a visa run every 90 days but once a year or so, I would apply for an extension.

Another foreigner in the same position as me was asked to pay 5,000 NT$ because he was using public amenities.

What kind of public amenities?

Sidewalks …

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Seriously? That’s strange.

Same as zero income is not possible.

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No worries, I’m sure absolutely no public services were used during the short 7 year stay. :roll_eyes:

Proof or it didn’t happen.

No one will ask you to file. But if you stay more than 90 days in a year, you are required to file.

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wat? Last time I checked visa waivers couldn’t be extended. Are we talking about the same thing, or did the rules change?

@Shaozhi Read the bottom of this:


Let us know if you still decide to try it and what happens.

@Lao_Wang when did you last check? That doc I linked to was last edited in 2017

The extension is only applicable to people with Canadian or British passport.

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I applied for an extension in December 2019. The process was very straightforward.