Extension on household registration deadline

I am currently a dual US/Taiwan citizen, but it is looking like this pandemic won’t pass before the 2-year time limit since I last left Taiwan. Is there any way to get an extension on this? As safe as I know Taiwan is, I am not able to relocate due to my job, and I would rather not travel if I can help it. Does anyone know if there is a way to get an extension on that deadline so that I can travel back when it is more safe?

Citizenship does not expire. If you are a citizen, you have a lifelong right to enter Taiwan.

About 1 year before your ROC passport expires, do the application to renew it through nearest TECO in U.S.

@Muselia do you mean you’re a TARC holder planning to register for household registration for the first time? Can you clarify the deadline you’re talking about, and why the 2-year period since you last left Taiwan is relevant? Or do you mean household registration could be deactivated, or something else? Do you mean you’re in Taiwan, or you’re out of Taiwan?