External Hard Drive Set-up

Hi! I’ve got a big hard drive that my computer guy unfortunately set up as two hard drives even though I specifically asked him not to: “Hey, I helped you…” “Wo bang ni…” are the three words I hate most in Chinese, since they indicate that someone has done something I haven’t asked them to.

Anyway, I want to take the thing out and put it in an external case. If I do that, will the computer recognize two drives there, or just one?


It sounds like you mean it’s been partitioned into 2 drives. If you swap it to an external case, it’ll still come up as 2 partitions.

If you don’t have any data on it, or if you do and can temporarily store the data somewhere else, you could simply reformat/repartition the drive so that there’s just 1 big partition.

Or you can get hold of a copy of something like partition magic and turn it back into one partition as long as only of half has data on it.

Thanks, guys.


Gosh. More than “mei ban fa?” I want to tear my eyeballs out everytime I hear that one.