Extra fees for buying a second hand antique car

I am buying an old car… a Nissan Datsun 303
this typical country side small berline car
for fun mostly, because I don’t need it
to practice mechanics and renovate that beast

The original price is very cheap. No problem

Please confirm the extra fees the owner is asking for:
license fee = 1500 NT
current tax = 8000 NT
insurance = 1500 NT
car registration fee = 1500 NT
help to fix the car / make it road legal and fit just enough for the first trip = 1500 NT

the car

Normally the mentioned fees are up to final negotiation.
In my case, they were always paid by the seller in most cases, just recently we ended up sharing them.
The value also depends how long each of them are still valid.

Finally, you know that these cars older than 10 yrs need a half year check, right?
Passing the check can be bought-off by the seller though, which then might bite you for the next check done by you at an other station.
When I bought my 28 yr old XJ-S from a rather shady dealer, we had the check done at my usual place, after passing we transferred the car to my name.

“License Plate Tax”
below 500 cc - NT$ 1,620
501 - 600 cc - 2,160
601 - 1200 cc - 4,320
1201 - 1800 cc - 7,120
1801 - 2400 cc - 11,230
2401 - 3000 cc - 15,210
3001 - 4200 cc - 28,220
4201 - 5400 cc - 46,170

“Fuel Tax”
251-500 cc - NT$ 2160
501-600 cc - 2880
601-1200 cc - 4320
1201-1800 cc - 4800
1801-2400 cc - 6210
2401-3000 cc - 7200
3001-3600 cc - 8640
3601-4200 cc - 9810
4201-4800 cc - 11220
4801-5400 cc - 12180


I am thinking to keep it as a wrecked car
No license, no fee, no whatever… and no driving on the road of course
Just in the garden, lol

I wanna see pics! Those little 303 Datsuns are really cool. I used to pass one everyday on my old commute.

Where do you live? Can I see a pic of your garden lol.

I added the photo of the car, lol, as it is now
For my son and me to practice fixing and renovating

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That looks like a great project car! I see the potential.


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Indeed… there is a lot of potential for learning and having fun

At first I was looking for the station wagon
If you are interested, this station wagon is for sale: 50 K
The owner is an expert in Datsun and the admi of a FB Group
The car is roal legal and ready to drive

Any Datsun 120Y?

Let me know if you find a 240Z :wink:

Ooops, we are going off-topic

Anyway, I recommend you look for and join the following FB groups
裕隆速利老車好好玩 303 翻新 零件 301 302 好馬747 青鳥 萬利 老車交流論壇
there are 2 more, but for some reasons… I can not find them right now

Datsun 240Z race version? You can ask Santa… only he knows
but there is a Datsun 260Z right now!!.. quick quick… warm up your credit card! 720K
Datsun 120Y… I don’t know

Old classmate had this for sale on his lot earlier this year. Has an RB25 turbo Skyline engine mated to a 5-speed manual.



I changed my mind

My boy was just quicker than me at the go-karting track today
Yeah, I was slowing down and waiting for him… These excuses doesn’t work anymore

So I changed my mind. He doesn’t need a Datsun Nissan Yunlong 3-zero-something

I give him the budget to build his own trail kart.

So if there are some mechanics on the forum and in central Taiwan, please use private message to contact me. He will need advice in materials, chassis, motor, transmission, suspensions… I mean, everything… I am not going to help

And a bit of teaching English as well would be perfect

Thanks in advance