Extracting in Outlook

Is there anyway in MS Outlook to extract email addresses from several emails without actually opening all of them and copying and pasting the information directly?

I have over 200 emails that I need the email address from and I do not want to spend hours opening each message to copy the address. So what I am hoping is that I can select the messages I want and then tell it to get me the email addresses… Is this possible???

Actually if this feature is available it would be great for other uses, for example selecting several emails and then asking outlook at get you names or websites etc…


I don’t know but you might try this on Outlook.
I usu. do this on Outlook express.
Click Reply all and send something bogus… The addresses are automagically added to your address book.

If it doesn’t I guess you should go back to using outlook express:)


Ax, MS Outlook = Outlook!

I hate Outlook Express. I use Outlook!

And doing what you say is possible, but I already have 100’s of entries in my address book, I guess I could go and move things around a bit so I know which ones are which, it is doable, but I am wondering if there isn’t an easier way?



Thanks! Looks pretty good! I may need that later on as I try to catalog everything, but right now I am hoping Outlook has some kind of feature, but it looks like I am up @%#$s creek…

another option is using a macro program that can help you repeat repetitive tasks like the one you are talking about. it may take a little time to figure out but you will feel like a computer genius the first time you hit one key and it starts pulling the addresses from hundreds of e-mails automatically for you. you’ll probably need a bit of computer knowledge to get started. here’s a good completely free one i used successfully in the past


Thanks daltongang,

I have no idea how to use macros though, I have never learned. I have a lot of experience and knowledge with computers, but I haven’t the slightest about macros.

I’ll take a look at the site you provided and see what I can come up with. Thanks

I have to warn you that the world of Outlook macros in Visual Basic is one of pain and suffering. Be especially careful with lists of contacts. The VB interface is not very intuitive. Macros in Word and Excel, on the other hand, are well worth investing your time in.

Thanks for the warning Feiren, I won’t waste my time learning how to use them.

not the world of keystroke macro editors like the one i showed you jeff! nothing to do with visual basic. they simply replay any series of keystrokes or mouse movements that you program them to, with some simple operators like if then, wait etc. mixed in. it always takes a bit of trial and error to get a macro working, but it can be fun! and once you have it right, you can always use it. if it’s a task you do quite often it is definitely worth it.

i think ms made vb complicated on purpose, every time i try to do a word macro, how much do i miss wordperfect. excel is a nightmare too, completely unintuitive.