Extreme Surfing - This will blow your mind

Original Title: This will blow your mind

Funny. I couldn’t find a “In the Name of HOLY FUCK!” forum, so I’ll have to post here. This one’s for Bubba2Guns. Enjoy.

That’s pretty amazing stuff, and granted their legs must be made of iron, but I just can’t see them ever getting the control on two skis you can on one board.


More just the big brass balls to say: “I wonder if…” and then going out and trying it.

Man, that looks like FUN!

JAWS. They lose a couple jetski’s every year and a surfer every couple of years.

Tow-in and foot-straps on the board, else you’ll fly off.

I had a couple of mates over tonight for dinner, drinks and poker. We were discussing sports and which were the hardest. One was a Saffer, the other a Canookislavian. We immediately decided that basketball and tennis were the most girly sports. Our debate came around to American “football” (now there’s a misnomer. How many times do they actually KICK the thing?) and the wearing of pads and helmets. My argument was that pads and helmets are needed in gridiron because you can be tackled without the ball, unlike rugby.

They were boring me with their nonsense, so I took a break and stumbled upon this thread. I dragged my erstwhile companions into the computer room to see what REAL, HARDCORE sport looks like. That lot have balls of steel. Amazing footage.