Eye Doctor in Taichung

Can anyone recommend a good eye doctor and clinic here in Taichung? I’m looking for a place that will offer an eye exam and some glasses as a package. Thanks for any suggestions.

The one-stop shop for all my medical needs:


anyone know of any good eye doctor in Kaohsiung? or can recommend how to find a good one? it’s an emergency I have a minor retinal detachment, was diagnosed today but want to go to a better hospital to get it checked out.

Heres a list of hospitals. Look for ones in Kaohsiung

ok I got a small hole/tear in my retina, doctor said I need laser to “weld” it up or it will lead to retina detachment, anyone know about this laser procedure what’s the success rate any chance of my eye going blind or anything? and how good are Taiwan’s doctors with this laser-retina thing? thanks guys